What makes a wedding romantic?

The wedding countdown has begun! Just over four weeks till my big day, and with the second in my GODS OF LOVE series, APHRODITE CALLING, released two weeks ago, I’m only now taking time to think about the wedding. Quite frankly, I’m trying not to panic at the length of the “to-do” list!

So tell me…do I really have to feed a cat from my left shoe a week before the wedding to ensure good luck in our marriage?

Do we really have to say our vows when the big hand on the clock is moving upwards rather than down?

How about making sure every single woman at the event goes home with a piece of wedding cake to tuck under her pillow (and dream of her perfect partner)…or finding a spider tucked into the wedding gown? Huh? I hate spiders!

Apparently these customs are designed to bring good luck in our union!

I’d like to know why weddings are so fraught with tension. Why they are not always full of the romance that is contained in the pages of the stories we Sexy Romance authors write. Hmm. Well, I guess real life is a tad harder to deal with than the idea of meeting and making love with a Greek god or two. Or three.

Being a romance author, I’m naturally inclined to think about the underlying romance of the day and whether the reality of a wedding lives up to that fantasy event we hold in our hearts.

The institution of marriage actually pre-dates recorded history, but despite that it seems the “romance” part didn’t exist until medieval times. Before then – and in some cultures since then as well – a marriage was simply a business arrangement between two families.

I guess for me the romance of the day will be less about the myriad of traditions and superstitions surrounding the institution of marriage, and more about pledging my love for another person and committing to share my life with them, in front of family and friends. Will it live up to the fantasy in my head? I certainly hope so!

That said, I do have a clock with a big hand, and a hungry cat…and a shoe…

I’m interested to know what others think about romance and weddings. What, in your view, makes a wedding romantic – or not?

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She lifted her hips as he centered himself at her vaginal entrance. The flinch was instinctive; she couldn’t help it, and he paused. “I have enough cum in my balls to sink a ship. I have been wanting to try your body ever since I saw you, and the wait has had me leaking juice all evening. It will be a well-lubricated joining, I assure you.”

Her laugh was throaty. “Enough to sink a ship? That actually sounds a little scary.” She let out a squeak as he thrust with his groin and at the same time tightened his grip on her hips, compelling her downward.

The head of his cock was now inside her, and she panted with a mixture of aching pleasure and apprehension. It felt hot, and hard, yet slick at the same time. She wanted him deeper inside, and took a breath before sinking down without any further urging.

Full. Wet. Everything inside stretched so tight she was afraid to move more than a millimeter or two. But oh…my…God…it felt so good to have a real live man inside her, shifting now, slight movements that she could feel deep within her body. The ache was so deep and all consuming that she couldn’t even compare it to the clit orgasm she’d had earlier. This was real, and she was about to fuck as she’d always wanted to, as a woman, with a man who saw her. Really saw her. And it felt so right.

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Pothos saw what she was striving for. “Come, Jake,” he said. “Join us.”

He rolled to the side, stilled impaled inside Jeannie and taking her with him, and then she felt her husband behind her, the juicy head of his cock pressing into her rear.

“Okay?” Jake’s voice was hoarse and she knew what he was really asking. This was something she’d never let him do before, and she bit her lip. Could she do this? Could she take both of them at once? Would it hurt?

“Yes,” she sobbed. “Do it, Jakey.”

And he did, gliding into her with an ease she wasn’t expecting, so slick with pre-cum that it made his entry relatively painless.

Pothos groaned, possibly at the pressure of Jake’s entry tightening her vaginal passage around him. She was so full of man she was afraid she might burst. Then they both began to drive into her body, first one, then the other, tag teaming, separated only by a thin sheath of her inner flesh, and the world as she knew it splintered around her. Sensation became everything as she was fucked from every direction at once, hands on her hips, hands on her breasts, lips against her neck as she flung her head from side to side, hot, hard bodies rutting against and inside and behind her, desperate groans in her ear as she gasped and moaned her own need in equal abandon.

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posted by Jennifer Lynne

9 thoughts on “What makes a wedding romantic?

  1. What?! Funny post about cats and spiders – you can keep the spiders though! I think you two were made for each other and compliment each other really well. The only thing that really matters is that you two get lost in the ‘romance’ of it all on the day and live happily ever after! All the best, xxxooo.
    ps – I’ll help you out and take my piece of cake home for under my pillow.

  2. Hi Sandra, thanks for your comment! You’re right – it is really about drilling down to that key thing – the promise to share your life with the one you love. Everything else is white noise, really, isn’t it?!

    Hi Kate, thanks for stopping by! So much stress, and when it comes down to it, it is simply about committing to the one you love. There lies the romance! 🙂 Thanks so much for your well wishes.

  3. Often the romance of a wedding can get lost with people (bride, groom, relatives) stressing out before the big day! The romance should be about the fact that two people have found each other and love each other enough to commit to spending the rest of their lives together! Enjoy your wedding day xoxoxo

  4. Hmmm not sure about that spider one and I have never heard about feeding a cat out of my shoe – perhaps that is were I went wrong. I think sometimes we can get to caught up in the “fantasy” of the wedding and making it ‘perfect” when what it is really all about is promising to share you life with the one you love. If you have found the right person and you love and support one another does it really matter whether you have doves or butterflies in the background?

  5. Thank you, Roz! We have the old/new/borrowed/blue tradition here, too. I’ve been to weddings where the bride and groom are really locked into each other, and it is lovely to see, isn’t it?

  6. Oh my! Cats, shoes, spiders? Those must be Australian traditions. I have heard the one about sending home a slice of cake – but I’m sure those slices never made it long enough to get smushed under a pillow. Besides, I thought that had more to do with getting rid of the leftover cake – a dream come true for any bride.

    Here in the states, we’re all about the bride wearing something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

    If you decide to feed the cat, just make sure you don’t use the shoes you’re planning to walk down the aisle in or you might be followed by a herd of cats.

    I think the romance of a wedding is in the way the bride and groom look at each other from the moment the bride steps into view, to the time they kiss. From that first eye lock to the last, you can feel the love in the air and it’s almost like they are the only two people in the room. They seem to exist in a world of their own for those few minutes.

    Congratulations, Jen. I’m sure the wedding will be beautifully romantic, and the marriage filled with love.

  7. Great post, Jennifer.

    No matter your faith, weddings are ALL intermarriages between 2 different families with different sets of baggage. At my wedding, we didn’t know if my mother would show up. Unbeknownst to me, my brother had a plan to drag her out of the ceremony if she acted out. I hope you have no drama at your wedding and I wish you lots of fun in your new adventure!


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