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My name is Tamsin Baker and I write erotic romance. I love it. I signed up for NaNoWriMo last November. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it stands for National Novel Writing Month. The aim is to write 50K in 30 days, and I took on the challenge with much trepidation. I knew I couldn’t write one story that long, so I wrote three. And just to add to the challenge I tried my first erotic romances – a short erotica piece for an anthology submission call, a ménage fantasy story with unicorns and an historical Domme M/F story.

Weird to try so many different new things at once? Absolutely! Because you see, up until last November I only wrote sexy/sweet romance. Then I got invited into a lovely group of erotic writers, (yes you all know who you are!) and got seduced rather happily into the amazing world of erotic romance. I read my first books by Khloe Wren and Kissa Starling. I was in heaven! And I wanted to see if I could do it too!

Since NaNo last year I haven’t stopped. I am a Gemini and like to be super busy, and I also get bored quickly. So I’ll decide to write a vampire trilogy, that has to be historical and ménage, just for fun, then get bored with that. Go onto shifters and have some fun with them. I love writing short erotica pieces in between longer stories, just to purge some of the intense scenes I get inside my head, and of course I always come back to my love of M/M romance.

So, in January this year I got my first contract for an erotic story and since then I have reached that magic number of 20! Some longer, some extra short, but all are characters that are as real to me as anyone in the real world.

Writing and being published is achievable for anyone with the desire and a bit of know-how. Don’t be scared, try new things, and above all, love what you do. I do and have managed to write about 300K in the past 6 months and I have two part time jobs, two kids, house, hubby etc.

Writing isn’t easy, but it’s my sanity. I hope you enjoy my stories.

Contest giveaway

Evernight Publishing recently published Tamsin Baker’s trilogy of vampire stories, all ménage – an MMF, an MMM and an MMMF. Tell us which one you want and why and Tamsin will give one of each away to the most interesting comments. 🙂

Fighting Destiny (Book 1 in the shifters of the land, air and sea)

MMF ménage, contemporary, shifter, erotic romance

Natalia raised her heavy head. She had a metal collar around her neck that was so tight she didn’t dare attempt to shift. They had tied her to two trees about six foot apart. The collar, her arms and her legs, all tied to the trees. Her arms and legs were spread, and she was completely helpless. She was also exhausted. She had been in this position for almost two days.

Her arms ached, and her legs burned. What made it worse was the fact she didn’t know why she was being punished. They had told her nothing except that she would stand trial for her crime the next day.

Yes, she had run too far into the bird shifter’s lands, but why were they holding her for it? It wasn’t a true crime, and the question was, what did they want from her?

She caught a whiff of a land shifter and took a deeper breath, a familiar scent making her moan in relief. Tommy. Oh, thank God. He’s found me.

A small fox was sniffing around her, and even in her tired state she recognized his scent.

“Bobby…” she whispered, fear catching in her throat. The bird men would be around, and they could hurt the lovely boy trying to help her.

One of the larger men had given her a long shirt that almost decently covered her, but other than that privilege, she had been tied up and starved. It had been the worst two days of her life.

A naked man appeared at her feet, and Natalia closed her eyes. That was the one thing she found hard to handle about being a shifter, the lack and loss of clothes.

A wolf’s howl broke the silence around them, then again and again. Tommy.

“They’re coming.” Bobby whispered.

A loud squawk rent the air, and Bobby began to frantically unclip her ankles. The bird shifters had heard, and they were coming for her again.

“Hurry, Bobby, please.” Natalia began to sob.

She was truly scared now. She didn’t know what these men wanted, and she certainly didn’t want an all-out war between their two groups.

A growl ripped through the air, and Natalia shivered. A tiger. There were only two in their pack. Jeremy’s parents, but they were old.

It couldn’t be him … could it? He had been missing for ten years.

A tiger landed on the dirt in front of her, and beside him came Tommy in his wolf form. The tiger was magnificent, strong, huge, and clearly in his prime. Jeremy.


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7 thoughts on “Zero to 20 Contracts in 7 months! Tamsin Baker Erotic Giveaway

  1. Hi Tamsin…yes, that group has corrupted more than a few people! Congratulations on your new contracts and releases!

  2. Tamsin Baker is a new-to-me Author & I sure do like the sound of her Trilogy of Vampire Stories, especially all Ménage Stories WooHoo 😉 I’d never put down any combination of a Scorchin’ Ménage Story that makes my blood boil 😉 ….but I do reallyyyyy like reading M/M/M Stories….now they send me to take cold showers! LOL I’m soooo Bad!!! I’m definitely going to check out Tamsin’ s Blog & Website, she really sounds like an Author to put on my re-read list.
    Take Care & Stay Naughty,
    PaParanormalFan (Renee)
    paranormalromancefan at yahoo dot com

  3. Wow, Tamsin! You’ve been mighty busy. Congratulations! I love the cover of Healed Hearts. The last menage a quartre I read was a few years ago by Maya Banks so it’ll be interesting to read another.

    Wishing you all the best.


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