I like to watch…

I think the first time I realised that I like to watch was as a young adolescent. I’d taken the train to the city with some friends to see Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.  It was Moomba (people from Melbourne will relate), which is a public holiday with a street parade. Moomba is an indigenous word meaning getting together and having fun. But I digress…

We had to risk life and limb and cross the road during the parade so we could get to The Regent theatre where the movie was being screened.  I’m pretty sure it was the year I was about 12 or 13 years old.  One of those anyway…lol.

I was having fun drooling over a young Robert Redford. I mean, seriously, who didn’t drool?  That craggy blond hair and mustache…those amazing eyes. *sigh*….then that scene. started..

You know the one…Katherine Ross arrives home to her small cottage and starts getting undressed for a bath.  Robert Redford surprises her and threatens her with a gun, forcing her to take all of her clothes off and untie her chemise.  Slowly.   Very slowly.

Oh. My. God.

My heart pounded so fast and loud I was almost deafened. I was so hot I was sure everyone beside me would be feeling the heat radiating off me. (Okay, I guess this was also when I realised that I liked a bit of Dom/Sub action too, but I didn’t have a clue what it was at the time;-)).

My life changed in that one scene.   It wasn’t just the hormones coming to the fore, it was like a switch turned on.

So now, many years later I still get off on watching.  Mostly watching from the comfort of my bed reading my favourite erotic novel, or erotic movie scenes….the feeling has never died, and now I find myself writing a voyeuristic story.  I have to say it’s making me hot!

BTW…I’ve seen that movie 12 times 🙂  I must get it out again…

So let me know…do you like to watch?  Stand up and be counted!

Is a Bad Habit Okay if there’s a Good Reason?

We are excited to welcome erotic romance author Maggie Nash as she talks about her bad habit, and there’s a contest for one lucky commenter!  Here’s Maggie…

Hammonton Photography / Foter.com / CC BY-NC

Thanks so much for inviting me! Today I’m talking about a bad habit I have. It’s shameful I know, but I can’t help myself.
They say that the first step is to admit it, so here goes —
I’m an eavesdropper.
There. I said it.
I am one of those terrible people who watches people and listens in on conversations. I know it’s wrong. I know it’s invading the privacy of others, but that doesn’t seem to matter to me. I do it anyway 🙂 Bad me.
Occasionally I can’t hear what they are saying, so I make up stories about what they might be saying. It’s amazing how exciting the life of perfect strangers can be!
Other times I listen in while I’m walking down the street. Sometimes I can hear people inside their homes talking to each other, and other times they are talking as they walk. I hear conversations about things as mundane as what they had for dinner last night, or as deep as the answer to World Peace. Of course it’s a lot more fun when I hear people teasing each other, or having fun!
My absolute favourite place to listen in is on the train. No one makes eye contact on a train these days so little ole me can sit quietly, pretend that I’m not there, and glean any number of conversations and file them away for future use.
My mother would be so disappointed in me. She tried to drum into me from an early age that it is rude to listen in to what others are saying, but can I remember what she taught me? No Ma’am.
So why do I do it? I have a really good reason, and you might even forgive me when you hear it.  My mum might even understand.
Eventually 😉
Okay, back to the reason I do it.
Research. Pure and simple.
That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it! I file away stories, conversations, characters, situations, names – you name it, I steal it! But it’s all in a good cause. They find their way into my stories eventually.
It’s not all bad :-), and I’m certainly not giving it up just yet!
So next time you talk to a friend in public, remember – you never know who’s listening. It could be me!
What bad habits do you have? Go on – you know you want to share!

Maggie’s next release – KINKY BET
Available NOW for pre-order!

Blurb: Who knew losing a bet could be this much fun?
Erica Nielsen agreed to a bet with her best friend, but she never imagined losing would involve a weekend of punishment at Dangerous Liaison, a BSDM retreat. But was it really punishment being trained by a sexy Irishman who takes her on a sexual journey of a lifetime?
Conal Brennan agrees to help a young woman find her submissive nature. He always enjoys being the one in control, but one look at the Nordic blonde he calls ‘Fire girl’ and he’s not sure who’s controlling whom.



The man knocked twice on the intricately carved wood with the ornate brass knocker. It opened as he stepped back, ushering her inside. The hallway was narrow but a door appeared immediately on her right.
“Go inside the first room. There you will be given instructions for the beginning of your training.”
She turned, wanting to thank the man for his direction, but he’d already left. She knocked lightly, and the door opened under the pressure of her hand. The room was warm and inviting with a cast iron fireplace blazing with flames. She walked farther inside, spying a wide partners’ desk and several chairs. All class, taste and decorum. No kink to be seen.
From where she stood the area appeared unoccupied. Not sure of what was expected of her she made a beeline for the comfortable looking couch and sat down.
“Did I say you could sit down?”
Shit, where did he come from? Erica struggled to stand back up, almost slipping to the floor as her dress slid on the buttery soft leather cushion. Way to make an impression, girl. “I’m sorry,” she said before she managed to scramble to her feet. “I didn’t realise there was anyone h—” Oh my God it’s him. The guy from the bar. The one who was so much like Colin Farrell he could be his twin brother. Her knees faltered as she tried to stand up straight. It was then that the penny dropped. The bar had been a set-up.

I’m Maggie Nash and I write romance novels. Some of them are suspenseful, some are pretty hot, and some of them are a little bit kinky, but what they all have in common is a fun, romantic ending.

I started writing more by accident than design when one day I ran out of books to read so I started writing one myself. And boy am I glad I did, because writing has become a huge part of my life.

I live with my family on the beautiful south coast of New South Wales in Australia. You can find me most days having a cappuccino at the beach!      Website   Facebook   Twitter

Pre-order the book here: Kinky Bet

Post a comment for a chance to win a free copy of the book!  The winner will be chosen at the end of the week.

Capture Fantasies: an Erotic Author’s Perspective

We are pleased to welcome erotic romance author Cari Silverwood to the Sexy Romance Stories blog. She’s talking today about sexual fantasies in romance books. Without further ado, here’s Cari…

Capture fantasy – one of the common sexual fantasies swirling about in women’s minds is this one. From ye olde historical bodice rippers, to the many books by John Norman, where women are kidnapped and taken to the planet Gor, to the current ones that range amongst every setting known to erotic authors.

Some stories are definitely romances, where dubious consent and forced seductions are euphemisms for “take me and I’ll say no but inside I really mean yes.” Eventually both the man and the woman get on the same wavelength and the Happily Ever After ending cruises into place. Since in reality this would be rape – because no man can read minds, this type of book scenario is perhaps the one way women can safely indulge.

Some stories go even further and do the Gor thing, by which I mean that there is not necessarily any romance at the end of the trail.

And the stories that are really dark are truly no more than rape even in the story. Yet some women do like reading these. These are still fantasies. If anyone in real life were to assume the women who read these really want rape, they might swiftly find their testicles transplanted into their cranium, by means of a stiletto heel.

Interestingly, just to show how BDSM is in a way just the ultimate game for indulging in your fantasies – people do role play capture fantasy and pretend rape is happening. But, but, but, it IS consensual, and it IS agreed upon beforehand. And the woman can use her special safeword and say stop at any time. I’ve known husbands and wives who play at this type of adult game.

Importantly, of course, not every woman likes reading capture fantasies, or wants to pretend, and for some it is the ultimate horror to pretend in any way, shape, or form.

When I wrote Take Me, Break Me, I wanted to explore the capture fantasy in a new way. I wanted to try to make readers think about their fantasies, and I wanted to set my story in a modern contemporary setting, and yet still have the man a good guy. Hard to do? Definitely, for me at least.

How can you write a man into a story who would do this and yet still be a moralistic person who cares and who isn’t a sociopath? You’ll have to read the story to see if I managed it.

Is this book even a capture fantasy? This is a question I have been wondering about. I wrote it so it is difficult for me to see the trees of the forest for all the words in the way. I’m going to wait and find out what readers tell me they see.

One of the most fascinating aspects of this story was telling half of it from the POV (Point of View) of Klaus. I could show him wrestling with his own emotions and thoughts in a way that’s impossible to understand if you can’t hear him think. Yes, he’s a loud thinker. But at times in the story, even I wasn’t sure which side of the abyss Klaus would fall into if pushed.

Blurb for Take Me, Break Me – Released March 7th, 2013 and available from Amazon, All Romance Ebooks, Smashwords and eventually from B&N and other retailers:

Jodie is scraping the barrel trying to stay afloat. An idea arrives that could rescue her finances and bring her together in a kinky way with a man she never gave up on. She’s terrified and fascinated, and tempted as hell.

Capture fantasies rule her eBook. Re-enacting one in a documentary would surely be irresistible viewing to millions of women?

But Jodie and Klaus discover that underneath an ordinary man dark desires may lurk. What will win in the end? The man and lover, or the monster?


As I kissed and tasted the tears that had leaked from under the blindfold, I said in a harsh whisper, “I enjoyed seeing you scream and try to escape, loved seeing you dancing away from the cane. Your ass – I’d declare it a work of art. Yeah…” I touched our foreheads together and looked down over her face, stared into her blindfolded eyes, and at her trembling full lips and those amazing tears. I traced my finger down the wet track on one cheek.

My murmur was soft but as deadly, I hoped, as a knife thrust. “I never thought I’d say this, but I enjoy this. You might be in trouble.”

Truth and mind fuck rolled into one scorching bundle. Yes, she was in trouble, but then so was I.

I wanted to do it again. I’d saved her and cared for her so many times. She was a beautiful woman, with a mostly beautiful heart, and I wanted to hurt her and swallow those screams. God, I was so fucked up.

Find out more about Cari and her books at:


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/cari.silverwood

Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/CariSilverwood

Fifty Shades of Real Life – Part 2

As I began researching BDSM relationships for my books, I discovered that their portrayal in fiction is typically quite different from real life in so many ways. I mentioned in Part 1 that real life play partners have agreements, Doms are responsible for their subs, players often have scenes with someone besides their lover, and either way, they may or may not have sex. But who are Doms and submissives? What do they look like? And how do they see themselves?

Fem Dom with Male on his Knees

Who are Doms and Submissives?

Well the stereotypical Dom is a man, with a lovely young female submissive. But in real life, a Dom can be female as well, often called a Domme or Dominatrix, and she may prefer her submissive to be a man or a woman. Many play with both. Of course in homosexual circles, a male Dom would have a male submissive.

Can you Recognize a Dom or Submissive?

In commercial fiction (and movies too!), we tend to romanticize the image of our heroes and heroines. In real life, they may be young adults or senior citizens, they may be fit and toned or out of shape, and they may wear the iconic black leather, stilettos or cuffs, or none at all. And even if they enjoy dressing up and wearing leather or cuffs for a scene, that doesn’t mean they dress like that in their everyday lives. There’s certainly the occasional bohemian artist, but the rest have regular jobs in stores and corporate offices. Doms don’t necessarily act tough or pushy–many are mild-mannered and quiet spoken. And very often high-powered executives enjoy being submissive in their personal lives.

How do They See Themselves?

In Power Play, my characters explore the power exchange dynamic in their sexual relationship. In real life, plenty of people dabble with BDSM play, but the ones who are pursuing this ‘lifestyle’ specifically identify as their role. Just as some people may play tennis or dance in their free time, that’s different from people who identify themselves as a tennis player or a dancer, who may enter competitions, and who focus their energy on that aspect of their lives. In a similar manner, people who identify as “Dom” or “submissive” or “switch” (one who enjoys alternating) actively study their roles. They attend classes and lectures, and take turns teaching and learning from others in that lifestyle.

Do play partners have agreements before they play? Do they have scenes outside their relationship? Do they have sex ? See Fifty Shades of Real Life – Part 1!

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Fifty Shades of Real Life – Part 1

The way BDSM is portrayed in fiction is quite different from the way these relationships are practiced in real life. In real life there are agreements between play partners, Doms take responsibility for the sub, and people may do scenes with someone besides their lover. And the players may or may not have sex.

Take off Your Panties and Let’s Talk

Very often in fiction, the characters jump right in to some sort of BDSM relationship. In Power Play, the first moment the hero steps inside her house, he begins:

Power Play coverAs Sergio advanced toward her, she stepped back.
“No use backing away from me, Liz,” he said in a low voice. “You’re mine for the entire evening.”
She froze and lifted her chin high.
He looked her up and down, contemplating something. “Kick off your shoes,” he instructed.
She complied, and instantly he moved into her space. He stood above her now, her eyes level with his chin.
He slipped the jacket off her shoulders and onto the floor. Her padding gone, he eyed the bits of silk still covering her. “That’s a start.”
He took a handful of silk blouse and tugged hard. Losing her balance, she fell against him. As she righted herself, he unbuttoned her blouse and tossed it aside.


When two people meet for the first time in real life, the Dom often gives a command. If they are in a public place like a restaurant, stereotypically he might tell the sub to go to the bathroom and remove her panties, to gauge her response. But before they actually begin a scene, the Dom asks the submissive to spell out her (or his) limits, either verbally or in writing. The sub must clearly state which types of experiences are desired and which are not allowed, as well as any injuries or physical limitations.

Doms are Responsible

Certainly there are Doms who break the rules and abuse their power over their subs, but normally Doms understand the responsibility of that role and take great care of their subs. Someone interested in becoming a Dom would learn from others and gain experience at a club or play party first. Once the Dom is clear about the limits of his or her submissive, the Dom may lay out parameters for a scene (i.e. where and when they’ll meet, what the submissive should wear, etc.) The Dom establishes a ‘safe word’ that the sub can use at any time to end the scene. Within a scene, the word ‘no’ is never a safe word, allowing that word to be used in any context without abruptly ending the play. A common safe word is ‘red’ as in red light, with ‘yellow’ being used as a warning that the sub is not comfortable with the direction the Dom is going. Some submissives are not able to formulate words when in sub-space, or don’t know their own limits. It’s up to the Dom to watch the sub carefully and stop before going too far. If a Dom has pushed a sub in a way that had a big emotional impact, the Dom would check on the submissive in the days following the encounter.

Play Partners are not Always Life Partners

Even soul mates are not always all things to each other. In the BDSM lifestyle that is acknowledged, and people play with others outside their primary relationship. Sometimes one partner needs much more intense play than their lover is comfortable with. Sometimes a boyfriend and girlfriend are both submissive, and might look for a woman to dominate both of them. Sometimes a husband and wife discover that one of them craves BDSM experiences while the other is not interested in pursuing that. In all these cases, going to a BDSM club or party allows people to find play partners. And lots of people in BDSM relationships like to experience scenes with other people to discover new things about themselves.

Sex May Not be Included

In many situations, like at clubs or spanking conventions, there is no sexual intercourse. The sub may be partially or fully nude, and a woman may be experience an orgasm, but often there is no penetration or ejaculation allowed. Of course in private settings and some clubs and play parties, a sexual consummation can follow the play time.

Cured by Love?

In some books that explore BDSM relationships, either the hero or heroine is ‘cured’ by the love of the other, and abandons any of these practices. Most people who are attracted to BDSM encounters find it fills a need in them, and unless that need is somehow met another way, prefer to continue the practices that give them pleasure. Love by itself doesn’t do it. People who love each other work towards meeting the needs of both partners, as well as the needs of the relationship.

Who are Doms and submissives? What do they look like? And how do they see themselves? See Fifty Shades of Real Life – Part 2!

Also check out “What Six Words does BDSM stand for?”

Read “Power Play” on Amazon now!
Read “Power Play” on Barnes & Noble now!

What Six Words does BDSM stand for?

BDSM Means SIX Things? Now that’s Kinky! The term BDSM actually stands for 3 interrelated but separate relationships. It is also used as an umbrella term for other types of kink, like fetishes.

BDSM Abbreviation

BDSM is actually an acronym for six words, with the D and the S each being an abbreviation for two words: Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadism and Masochism. In an encounter, any 1 or 2 or all 3 of these relationships can exist. Also, the terms Top and Bottom can be used to refer to the participants in all three of these scenarios.

Bondage and Discipline

Bondage and Discipline  (B & D) can include any situation where one person is bound, from simply having his or her hands tied together, to being handcuffed, to being bound to a chair, bed, cross, large web, etc. and then ‘punished’ in some way, such as paddling, caning, or flogging. Sometimes the focus is on just one of the two terms, such as in ‘spanking’ scenarios. Other times the bondage is the main goal, with the ‘punishment’ being playful and teasing. This ‘light’ bondage can be called ‘sensual bondage.’ Here is an example from my novella Power Play:

BDSM book cover showing BondageSergio stopped in front again, rose to his full height. Threading the silk tie through his hands, he contemplated her. She saw fire in his eyes, mixed with something else. Maybe a hint of uncertainty. What was he planning to do to her? The instinct to run tugged at her insides, and she jerked back a step.
The decision solidified in his face. “You like my power tie?” he asked with a sly smile.
The humor was clear, but there was an edge to his voice. She giggled nervously.
He spun her around, grasped her wrists and bound them behind her. Liz gasped, her blood racing through her body in tremors of anticipation.
One quick tug on the tie ensured that her hands were secured.
He whirled her back to face him and inspected the results. Liz felt off-balance and her breasts jutted out.

Dominance and Submission

Dominance and Submission, typically written D/s, is all about the transfer of power between two (or more) people. In taking control of a submissive, a Dominant must be certain of the sub’s comfort level and personal limits, so before beginning any scenario or play time, the sub lists which activities are acceptable and which are not. This can be in writing, or discussed verbally, but it is definitely a consensual agreement between them. The Dom is responsible for his or her sub’s physical and emotional well-being. Here’s an example of a power exchange from Power Play:

“Lock it,” a voice demanded in her ear.
She clicked the lock, turned, and found herself engulfed in his space.
Everything in her training and experience told her to take control. But everything about this sensual man had her wanting to give it all to him. “Look, Sergio. I just want you to—”
“Take off your clothes.”
The whispered command wrapped around her like a silk net. Her heart raced. She instinctively side-stepped to escape him, but his arm flew up and blocked her escape. He must have known she’d try the other way, because he immediately put both hands on the door behind her, his arms caging her in. As she considered ducking beneath them, he rocked his pelvis forward, his erection pinning her body against the door.
Her knees weakened and she could hardly catch a breath. If she’d been wearing a corset like women did in the old days, she’d have swooned. Her arms and legs were free, but with that one point of contact, she was captured.

Sadism and Masochism

Sadism and Masochism, S/M or Top and Bottom, are when the relationship includes pain (and perhaps humiliation) as a key part of the interchange between them. Typically there is a D/s power exchange, and the Top uses various devices to create sensation and pain for the Bottom. The Bottom can experience extreme highs as the endorphins convert pain to pleasure. There are strict rules of conduct in the BDSM world, and their credo is “Safe, Sane, and Consensual.” Here’s a snippet from Temptation’s Edge by Eve Berlin aka Eden Bradley:

Her body was simmering, a low, steady beat of desire. A thrum of anticipation so strong it felt like electricity in her veins. An acute awareness of Connor standing behind her, as if he were almost a part of her body, so that knowing he was there did nothing to pull her back out of herself, away from this inner exploration.
She felt beautiful. Turned on to an almost ridiculous degree. Lost in need.
She let out her next breath on a long sigh. And before her lungs had emptied there was a sharp snap in the air and an even sharper sting on the left cheek of her ass.
It was followed immediately by Connor moving in to cup his big palm over the sting.
He didn’t say anything, just stepped back after a moment and hit her again.
This time she was less surprised by it. More able to let her body sink into the sensation. A small crop, she thought, from the light weight of it on her flesh. He hit her again, a little harder this time, and for some reason it made her smile.
Oh, this is where we really get into it.
It was what she wanted. Needed.
Another stinging rasp, then another. He was picking up the speed, working in a criss-cross pattern over her buttocks and thighs. With each stroke pleasure rose, as though embedded in the stinging sensation itself. She was squirming just a little, just enough to absorb the impact, to ride out the surges of pleasure.

BDSM and Fetishes

Although fetishes are separate types of kink, there is a lot of overlap between them and BDSM practices, so they are lumped together under that term. Fetishes are extreme fascinations or obsessions with something like shoes or leather, or a particular part of the body, like a foot fetish.

BDSM and Sex

Although sensual and sexual in nature, many people engage in BDSM scenarios without having sex as a part of it. Often these scenarios take place with someone other than their spouse or lover, to fill that different need. Others extend this type of play to include sexual relations, or use it as foreplay for ‘vanilla’ (more traditional) sexual activities.

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Read “Power Play” on Barnes & Noble now!

Six Sentence Sunday – Power Play by Chellesie B Dancer

Erotic Romance Novella Power PlayThis is from “Power Play,” my novella about sensual bondage:

“You like my power tie?” he asked with a sly smile.
The humor was clear, but there was an edge to his voice. She giggled nervously.
He spun her around, grasped her wrists and bound them behind her. Liz gasped, her blood racing through her body in tremors of anticipation.
One quick tug on the tie ensured that her hands were secured.

To find out more about “Power Play” go to my web site www.ChellesieBDancer.com

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Six Sentence Sunday – Power Play 2

Erotic Romance Novella Power PlayThis is from my sexy novella “Power Play.”

“Take off your clothes.”
The whispered command wrapped around her like a silk net. Her heart raced. She instinctively side-stepped to escape him, but his arm flew up and blocked her escape. He must have known she’d try the other way, because he immediately put both hands on the door behind her, his arms caging her in. As she considered ducking beneath them, he rocked his pelvis forward, his erection pinning her body against the door.

To find out more about “Power Play” go to my web site www.ChellesieBDancer.com

And check out some other fabulous authors taking part in Six Sentence Sunday.