Programmed For Pleasure by Jenna Ives

We are so very happy to have Jai Turner visiting with us today! If you don’t know Jai, she’s the heroine in Jenna Ives new book, Programmed For Pleasure.

Hi! The members of Sexy Authors invited me here today because my story is, well… sexy. My name is Jai Turner, and I’m a female police agent for the Tau Cetus police force. My world is a lot like yours, just maybe a few years into the future.  We’ve had a Great War, which wiped out quite a bit of our population.  Prostitution is a billion-dollar industry, but the women (and men) in the profession are now robots. Sexbots, to be exact.

They’re machines who are programmed for pleasure.

Notoriously reclusive Marque Callex is our world’s most dangerous arms dealer. The police have had reports he’s secretly selling weapons to rogue nations, endangering the planet again, but we’ve never been able to get to him. So my boss, Commander Rainey, has arranged for the owner of Beautiful Dolls sexbots to issue an invitation to Marque for a week of free sex, and ordered me to go undercover as Marque’s personal sexbot to discover information that will lead to his arrest and conviction.

The fate of my world may literally rest on my (very naked) shoulders. No pressure there, right?

Anyway, Jenna Ives has written about my story in her new book Programmed For Pleasure. She’s agreed let you read this excerpt, and afterwards, she’ll be giving away a free copy of the e-book to a winner who can answer a question based on the excerpt.

Good luck!


            Chapter One


“Turner, I’m sending you undercover as a Beautiful Dolls sex toy.”

Jai Turner stared at her boss, Commander Talis Rainey, convinced she couldn’t have heard him right. She and her partner, Leith Wyatt, had been called into his office at the end of their duty shift. “Sir?”    

For an answer, Rainey pushed a button on the console on his desk. “Send in Mr. Carron.”

A minute later, a short man stood in the doorway. His eyes darted around the room nervously before he took a reluctant step into the office.

Rainey cleared his throat. “This is Anson Carron. The creator of Beautiful Dolls.”

If the abrupt and impersonal introduction annoyed their guest, he didn’t show it. His eyes had locked on Jai, and were scanning her up and down in a way that felt decidedly intimate despite the blue one-piece uniform she and everyone else on the Tau Cetus police force wore.

“Yes,” he murmured. “I suppose I can work with this.”

“This,” Rainey said hotly, “is Jai Turner, one of my best agents. She’s human.”

The little man shrugged. “She meets his prime criteria. Of course, it would be better if I could see her without her clothes on before I make a final assessment.”

Jai stiffened. “Commander!”

Rainey let out a sigh. “Sit. All of you.”

Instead, Carron took a step closer. “Can I touch her, at least?”

“Lay one finger on me, asshole,” Jai growled, “and it’ll be the last thing your hand ever does.” 

Behind his desk, Rainey scowled. “I said sit!”

The three of them held their adversarial positions for a moment, then took the hard chairs arrayed around Rainey’s desk.

The Commander looked at the partners. “Before I start, I have just one thing to say to you two. Marque Callex.”

Jai gasped. “What?”

The infamous name had both her and Wyatt leaning forward in their chairs.

“You know how long we’ve been trying to get close to this guy. We may now have a chance, albeit by a very unconventional route.” Rainey nodded toward their guest. “A month ago, Mr. Carron here ran afoul of the law. In an effort to save his neck – and his very lucrative business – he suggested a unique proposal in return for us not pursuing charges against him.”

“What kind of proposal?” Wyatt asked.

“Mr. Carron agreed to send out an… invitation… to Marque Callex, to sample the latest model of Beautiful Doll for free, in exchange for feedback on the product.”

Jai’s mouth set in a disgusted line. “And he accepted.”

“He did,” Rainey confirmed. “We told him that clients are able to customize their girl. Callex filled out the form specifying his ideal Beautiful Doll, and now all we have to do is fulfill his requirements. With you.”

Jai’s eyes went wide. “You want me to impersonate a sexbot?”

“He’s requested blonde hair. Blue eyes. Lean, athletic build.”

Jai let out a relieved breath. “Well, that rules me out. I’m brown-haired and brown-eyed.”

“Easily fixed,” her boss pointed out. “You fit the most important characteristic: athletic build. We can’t fake that, but we can correct the other things with hair dye and contact lenses.”

Uneasy, Jai leaned forward in her chair. “Sir, do you really think a man who can have any model of girl he wants, would pick a B-cup and not a triple-D? For a sexbot? Come on, Commander. Are you sure Callex is even serious about this?”

“Well, we’ll have our answer on Monday, if he shows up at the Beautiful Dolls boudoir. Until then, we’ll be prepping you for the assignment. That is, if you’re agreeable.”

Jai scowled. There was absolutely no way she was going to volunteer for this. Have sex on command? Not a chance. Besides, she could never pass for a sexbot. She had a heartbeat, for Christ’s sake!

Rainey sighed into the stubborn silence. “Do I really need to play the Joran Breaux card with either of you?”

            A spark of anger shot through Jai, even as she heard Wyatt shift uncomfortably on his chair. Joran was the second – and definitely much more personal – reason they were after Marque Callex. Joran had been sent in to infiltrate Callex Industries from the inside, to discover how one of the government’s top weapons contractors was secretly diverting arms to militant countries. Joran’s cover as an employee had seemed secure until two months ago, on the very day he’d scheduled a meeting with Marque Callex. Instead, Joran’s body had turned up – in pieces – in a nearby recycling center.

Jai would relish the chance to avenge the death of a fellow Tau Cetus agent, but was becoming a sex slave really the best way to do it?

Rainey scowled. “If you’re not up to it, Turner, I’ll find another female agent who’s more committed to her job.”

“I’m committed to my job, Commander,” she protested.

“I probably shouldn’t have even offered it to you two. Wyatt is too close to this case. I just thought he’d want a crack at the guy who murdered his partner. But you’re right, Turner. Wyatt could very well be a liability.”

“I didn’t say that–”   Damn. Now the Commander was accusing her of letting down the force and her new partner. The guy was a master manipulator.

Silence stretched in the room while Jai considered her options. Her very limited options. As in, none. “I’ll do it.”


What real choice did she have? Marque Callex needed to be stopped. “I said I’ll do it, Commander. If this is our best – and possibly only – chance to get to Marque Callex, well, then, I’m in.”


  So… does this excerpt tempt you to read more about my upcoming week of sex with Marque Callex? And about whether I can coax him to spill incriminating information?

            If you’d like a chance to win a free e-copy of the book, answer this question:  what color are my eyes? The answer is mentioned in the excerpt above!

Author Jenna Ives will pick a random winner who has the correct answer, so check back here often.        

Thanks so much to all the Sexy Authors for letting me be here today!

Thanks for visiting with us, Jai! I think you may be the very first character, not to mention, Sexbot, to guest blog for us! Best of luck with your new mission. We’ll be standing by to see how you bring down Marque.

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