Katie Salidas & Willsin Rowe: the rise of BDSM

Welcome to this week’s blog guests, Willsin Rowe and Katie Salidas. These talented erotic authors have worked collaboratively on a number of projects, including the Consummate Therapy series of BDSM erotic romance novellas that began with Submission Therapy and continues with the just-released Occupational Therapy. Today they share with Sexy Romance Stories readers their take on why BDSM stories are so popular right now.

Willsin Rowe:  Ah, BDSM. Still much maligned in our society, even with the amazing commercial success of Fifty Shades of Grey and its league of followers. Even with the increased general awareness of these practices, BDSM is still fringe material, and cringeworthy to some.

Katie Salidas:  I have to chime in here, Willsin, dear. Though some still find it cringeworthy, what is hilarious to me is the fact that because of 50 Shades popularity, people are not afraid to show off that they’re reading this “stuff.” Nothing makes me laugh more than seeing someone who I’d never expect to read a story like this, with the book in hand, cover showing for all the world to see. But, yes, there is still a large section of the population who hear BDSM and react with avid repulsion.

WR:  Oh, yes. “Why, isn’t that the slap-and-tickle stuff that people only ever resort to in desperation to stop their marriage from failing? Tie me up, call me names, whip me, beat me…”

KS:  Note to self: pick up handcuffs and a blind fold and tell hubby we’re going to try something new tonight.  =) Sorry Willsin, please continue. I’ll be a good girl, I promise.

WR:  Well, if you can’t behave, Katie, I’ll have to get Master Sweet to do his thing to your perky ass! Anyway, that novelty-style situation may be true for some. There are many others, too, who enjoy a little bit of tying up and what-not in their varied diet of sexy naughtiness. But though there are elements of BDSM in both of those situations, it’s really not the same thing. BDSM is not a game, after all. It’s a lifestyle.

KS:  The research for this series was so enlightening. I admit the first time I heard the word BDSM I had no real idea of what went on. It really is a whole new way of life, beyond just being a way to add a little kink to the bedroom.

WR:  Now, I’m not in the lifestyle myself. I am, however, fascinated by it. I also think tattoos are brilliant, though I have none. I think girl-on-girl love is gorgeous, yet I’m hardly qualified to take part in it. I don’t think you need to be “in” something to love it, necessarily.

KS:  Excellent point. And I think that is the heart of the appeal of this subset of the Erotica genre. There are so many people out there who are intrigued by BDSM, and like the fantasy of it, but do not need to live it themselves.

WR:  And for people who are in the lifestyle (those I’ve chatted with and those I’ve read about), there’s an element which may not be apparent to the casual observer. That element is trust. Even the most vanilla of relationships relies heavily on trust. In the lifestyle, though, it takes on a whole new meaning. Trust that your Dom has your best interests at heart. That discipline will go as far as it needs to, and no further. The giving of that trust is also a handing over of control, which is another vital element in a BDSM relationship.

KS:  Trust is a key element in any relationship, but I agree it really is the cornerstone of the Dom/sub relationship. When the sessions get tough, the sub needs to have complete trust in their Dom to not go beyond their own personal boundaries, and the Dom needs to be attentive and aware of how the sub is responding so that when communication fails, no one actually gets hurt. It is a very fine line they walk and without trust it could not work.

In our Therapy series we took it a step further and added a lesson with each session. Natasha needs to be pushed, she needs to be broken so that she can heal. Her Master knows this and though he may seem cruel at times, he is working for her best interest. And though Natasha is resistant, she knows it too.


Master Sweet’s discipline leaves Natasha feeling enlightened. But old habits die hard, and she soon doubts everything about Submission Therapy. And that’s when the real test begins. Here is an 18+ strictly ADULTS ONLY excerpt:

When Chloe returned she pushed my feet wide apart. She clamped something around my right ankle, then my left. I risked a glance down between my legs and was surprised to see padded cuffs connected to a three-foot steel bar. I shivered as Chloe secured the rope to an eyelet in the center of the bar.

No matter how much I tried to squeeze, I couldn’t bring my knees together. My most tender parts were not just on display; they were completely vulnerable. If it was Master back there I didn’t think I’d mind at all. But of course, it wasn’t.

“Raise your face. Look at me,” Master commanded.

He sat on the edge of the bed, His crotch swollen so much that it was impossible to focus on anything else. It was right there, only inches from my face…but completely inaccessible to me.

“You like what you see.” He mocked me with His taunting tone.

Hell, yeah, I did. I flicked my eyes up to catch His for a second. He held my gaze with those penetrating blue eyes, but reached His hand out towards Chloe, who scurried over to take it. She kissed it, placed it on the back of her neck…and started unfastening His leather pants!

I ground my mouth around the smoothness of the ball gag. The red-headed minx was touching my Master! My body trembled with anger, the way it did when assholes tried to fuck me over in the boardroom. But at least in business I could speak. Here I was mute. Because He willed it.

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