If Size Matters, How Does it Measure Up?

Scientists have finally figured out the actual “erect penile size” of men! The average erection size is exactly 5.57  inches. Think about the short side of half a piece of paper, or a typical hard cover book.  Or perhaps you’d prefer to imagine a typical chocolate bar.  😉

The full range goes from  4 – 26 centimeters, or 1.57 inches (yikes, where’d it go?) to 10.24 inches (ouch!).

Of course this number is completely precise and accurate. That is, for men in the United States. Sexually active ones to be more specific. Well, for 1661 of them anyway. Oh, and did we mention that these numbers are self-reported?

Wait a minute, self-reported? What’s up with that? (I couldn’t resist that one, LOL!)  It seems that’s the only way they could think of to do this research, because, according to the The Atlantic Wire, “most men have a strange tendency not to develop a full erection while being coldly observed by scientists wielding measuring sticks.”

To their credit, they didn’t set this up as a ‘how big are you’ survey, but rather ” for the purposes of receiving a condom sized to fit their erect penis,” so the participants were presumably more motivated to be accurate in reporting their measurements. And they did say the results were consistent with other research. Here’s a link to the scientific report which came out last week, published by four doctors, three of whom are women. It seems these women do care about size. Or at least are curious about it.

But they also said the findings suggested that the method of getting an erection affected its size. Most men measured themselves while alone, stimulating themselves by hand. Interestingly enough, with oral stimulation, the men reported bigger sizes. And with just fantasy alone, they reported smaller dimensions. Surprise, surprise.

Now you’d think, if they really are that curious, and they see that the method of stimulation seems to be significant, that they would design a better study, where real live people would assist the participants, rather than coldly wield a measuring stick. I’m sure I could devise a much more fun way to measure!

And then of course we’d have to invent some innovative ways to stimulate the men. We could come up with lots of ideas, couldn’t we? Maybe these scientists should read some erotic stories to stimulate their imaginations!

Even better, why not have some of us authors and readers help out? I’d be happy to volunteer.

All in the name of science of course!