#SixSunday – erotic excerpt from EDUCATING ETHAN

This week’s six sentence excerpt is from the recently released EDUCATING ETHAN by Jennifer Lynne, an older woman/younger man sensual romance. In this snippet, Ethan is aware that he is being watched by one of his neighbors as he moves in to his new home:

Like putting on a strip show for an unknown audience.

He’d even partially undressed at one point, pulling off his T-shirt in the knowledge his muscles would be better displayed without the inhibiting material, hoping whoever was watching would be suitably titillated. He’d been bemused by his own actions, but the thought of the invisible watcher had been strangely arousing, and the slight heaviness in his groin added a sensual pleasure to the whole experience.

Moving house with a hard-on.

He could now thoroughly recommend it.

As he shifted and sweated in the heat, he’d been constantly aware of that invisible presence, like an elusive whisper of satin across his back, a feather-light caress along his jaw when he turned.

Book Junkie: “If you love May/December romances this one will knock your socks off.”

Long and Short Reviews: “…I just fell madly in love with Ethan and could eat him up with a spoon!”

EDUCATING ETHAN is available now at Amazon, Breathless Press and All Romance ebooks.

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