Six erotic sentences – Pandora’s Gift by Jennifer Lynne

My Six Sentence excerpt this Sunday is from one of my favorite romances. Pandora’s Gift is the erotic story of Flint, a war veteran who has seen too much, and Pandora, the woman who is destined to bring him out of the darkness towards hope:

Being here with her, a woman he didn’t know and was unlikely to see again after tonight, he felt as if she’d invaded his mind and his heart. Like tendrils of light, he could feel her coiling inside him, searching out the dark places, banishing them. The urge to let go, to let it all out, became almost overwhelming.

One hand had somehow wound itself further into her hair, and as if to get a grip on reality he pulled it, hard, pinning her head against the couch. She looked up at him, seemingly mute, but damned if he couldn’t hear her voice again inside his head.

Not possible.

Read more of Pandora’s Gift at Amazon or Red Sage.

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8 thoughts on “Six erotic sentences – Pandora’s Gift by Jennifer Lynne

  1. Thanks for the lovely comments! Pandora’s Gift was out back in 2010, but I still love my tortured hero, Flint! And I wish I could be more like the mystical Pandora myself. Love her too 🙂

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