Six Sentence Sunday – Power Play 2

Erotic Romance Novella Power PlayThis is from my sexy novella “Power Play.”

“Take off your clothes.”
The whispered command wrapped around her like a silk net. Her heart raced. She instinctively side-stepped to escape him, but his arm flew up and blocked her escape. He must have known she’d try the other way, because he immediately put both hands on the door behind her, his arms caging her in. As she considered ducking beneath them, he rocked his pelvis forward, his erection pinning her body against the door.

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9 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday – Power Play 2

    • Thanks Samantha! I hate to tell you, but next Sunday will be from a different hot book, not Power Play. But Jen’s books are really hot too! Check out her sexy six from April 1st. And I’ll put up another six in May. (If you can’t wait, you could always buy the book!)

  1. Oh escaping for her! Sounds like he’s decided what he wants, and he’s gonna get it. Nice six xx and I love that cover. The red tie is a great contrast to the black and white and really catches the eye. Sexy as heck!

    • Thanks K.E., Sandra and Joanne. Yes, I’m really thrilled with the way the cover turned out! Oh yeah Alix, I really enjoyed practicing, I mean imagining, that scene! LOL!
      Thank you all for stopping by!

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