Six Sentence Sunday – Platinum Passion

This week for Six Sentence Sunday we are with Jeannie, Jake and Pothos – the ancient Greek god of sexual yearning – in Jennifer Lynne’s sizzling erotic menage, PLATINUM PASSION (GODS OF LOVE #1). And a warning: this is adult-rated and definitely not suitable for reading at work 🙂

She came with a shrieking cry that went on and on, gushing hot slick juice onto his hands, whoever he was…


It was Jake whose hand now cradled her hot mound, holding her lovingly while her body continued to spasm, and it was Pothos whose hand stroked her cheek and pushed a sand-crusted lock of blonde hair out of her eyes. She read the love in her husband’s face as he bent to kiss her lips, and tasted the flavor of Pothos in his mouth.

She felt almost complete, at this moment, surrounded by the essence of these two incredible men.

But she wanted more.



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