#SexySnippets No5 from The Black Heart by @KiruTaye

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This week’s Sexy Snippet is from my current work-in-progress The Black Heart, a paranormal romance. As I’ve just completed the first draft, this will be the last sexy snippet from this manuscript until it’s published.

In this scene, Idris discovers Rahma in his bedroom. But he isn’t altogether thrilled. I hope you enjoy it.

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He stalked, circling, the predator in him watching her intently as her scent drew him closer. There was no way he could resist the musky jasmine fragrance designed to lure a mate into her clutches. Her strong aura would draw every beast within miles until one claimed her.

It was a wonder there wasn’t more of a commotion in the palace because he was sure the other blood warriors in the vicinity could sense the same pull towards her as he did.

Which begged the question, how did she get into his quarters bypassing Danladi and every other guard out there? A woman with such a power was dangerous in the current state of emergency.

Heart still jerking in his chest and all his muscles tensed, he stopped at the foot of the bed.


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