#SexySnippets from I’m on Fire

fire2This week’s snippet is from my upcoming steamy book I’M ON FIRE, which is the first in my series of stories set on Lake Eden.

In the opening scene of I’M ON FIRE, Clint met this way-too-young and way-too-hot barmaid when she plopped onto his lap. The next day, she showed up at the dock.

“What brings you down here? The race isn’t until Saturday.”
“I wanted some adventure…”
“Like what?” The minute he asked that, he knew he shouldn’t have.
“Well, regular adventures like hiking and sailing, and, you know, sexual adventures.”
She didn’t just say that. Shit.

Watch for release date coming soon!

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3 thoughts on “#SexySnippets from I’m on Fire

  1. Thanks for your comments! Of course, he wants that too, but he’s been burnt enough times, he ‘knows’ he can’t have what he wants, but she doesn’t see any reason why not!

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