#SexySnippets from Flying High

sexywidowHere are seven sexy sentences from “Flying High,” an erotic romance from the male point of view:

“Oh Baby, I fantasize about you every night.” He probably shouldn’t have admitted that, but it was true.
“Then why don’t you call me?”
“Honestly, I like talking to you and all, but it drives me crazy to talk to you when I wanna see you, touch you. You understand? It’s too damn frustrating. If my balls get any bluer they’re gonna have to invent another color on the color wheel.”

“Flying High”

Paul ‘I don’t do overnights’ has met his match with sexy physical therapist Callie. But is this adventurous guy willing to give up his independence to have the wild sexual encounters he craves?

I just finished writing this male fantasy novella, and had a lot fun with it. Paul flies across country for his job, and I couldn’t help wondering what kind of mischief he’d get into in those airplanes…

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