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snippets buttonHappy weekend everyone!

I’m at the Romance Writers of Australia conference in Fremantle, Western Australia this weekend but I’m dropping by to give you a special Sexy Snippet from one of my works in progress – Awakenings.  It’s an erotic Victorian story and is related to my short story Illuminations.  This story continues the adventures of those wanting to explore their sensual and kinky side at Maitland House.  As the people of London are expected to be conservative and follow the laws regarding depraved behaviour, they escape to Maitland House to fulfil all of their fantasies without fear of being caught.  We begin with Anna, a young spinster who is convinced she will never marry, so enters the house for an Awakening of her sexual nature and lose her virginity. Here is a sexy snippet for your reading pleasure…

The words of the woman echoed in her mind. Would she find what she was seeking? Did she have the courage to try? Despite the coldness of the late Autumn evening, unfamiliar heat intimately surrounded her body and her unbound nipples tightened almost painfully as they scraped against the roughness of the raw silk shirt she’d been instructed to wear.

Strange men are going to touch me.

She shivered, feeling wicked for even contemplating the thought. Could she go through with this?


I look forward to finishing it so I can share the rest!  If you have read and liked ILLUMINATIONS, you will love this story 🙂

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Happy Weekend!


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  1. Sounds like a sexy story, Maggie! I love the juxtaposition of wicked sex and the repressive nature of Victorian times. Ups the ante when it comes to erotic, as you just showed us in that titillating snippet. I want to read it – you’ll have to write faster 😉

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