The perfect #sexy date – what’s your fantasy?

Ever been whisked off your feet and into a romantic date straight out of your wildest fantasies? Unfortunately I can’t say that I have, at least in recent times. Dinner and a movie is usually it for me, though there’s definitely romance on occasion, thank goodness.

A tropical island setting (Bora Bora springs to mind!) would be at the center of my ultimate romantic fantasy. There’d be a beautiful sunset, good champagne (very brut!) and a delicious dinner waiting, but first a relaxing couples massage, then private time with my gorgeous man in an open-air spa bath with views over the ocean.

Back when I wrote SEDUCING SERENA, my first erotic romance, I asked family and friends what they’d like to experience on a fantasy date. Answers varied enormously – from being hand fed strawberries and then drizzled in chocolate, to being taken on a luxury yacht for a champagne breakfast, to floating away on the breeze in a hot air balloon, to a spa bath filled with rose petals followed by a candlelit dinner cooked by someone else.

It seems that everyone I spoke with had a different idea of a fantasy date. But the one thing they all had in common was the desire to feel special, and to be treated as such, by their respective partner. And that applied to both the women and the men that I spoke with.

We all want to feel special to someone, don’t we? Especially if we are in, or just starting, a romantic relationship.

What’s your idea of a sexy and romantic date? Have you experienced the perfect date, or is your fantasy one that is yet to be realized? Please share your experiences or ideas – we’d love to hear from you!

In SEDUCING SERENA, Nick creates a number of fantasy dates for Serena in his quest to seduce her. Here’s a little taste of one involving a hot-air balloon ride and a champagne breakfast at his private winery in the Yarra Valley region near Melbourne (Australia):

Serena held tightly to the rope in the early morning darkness, feeling the flare of gas-generated heat above her head as the balloon carried their basket into the silent sky.

I must be mad!

“Ever heard of dinner and a movie, Nick? When you said you’d show me the Yarra Valley I didn’t think you meant hot-air ballooning.”

His chuckle was as contagious – and as potent – as it had been the first time they met.

“There’s no better way to experience it, sweetheart.” He moved to stand behind her, one arm coming around each side of her to grip the edge of the basket. “And there’s no need to be frightened. Pete’s the best pilot in the business.”

She glanced at the taciturn, middle-aged man in charge of their flight. “I’m not frightened,” she said. “Unless I look straight down.” Or turn around and gaze into your eyes.

“Just look over there,” he murmured in her ear, pointing briefly to the east.

She caught her breath in wonder. The sun was in the process of cresting the horizon and the rolling hills were ablaze with a mixture of gold, orange and pink. The dark pre-dawn shadows were being driven back to reveal a vista of striking emerald beauty, shrouded in random pockets with a white, swirling mist. Through it all the Yarra River wound like a long brown snake.

“Its gorgeous,” she breathed. “I’ve seen the sun come up over Uluru in Central Australia – people come from all over the world to see that – but sometimes we only need to look in our own backyards.”

“Beats dinner and a movie, doesn’t it?”

“I guess it does. But Nick, this doesn’t change anything. I’m reserving judgement on us.”

“Better than a straight-out rejection.” His quiet chuckle tickled her temple. She fought the instinct to relax back into his arms, fought the need to take comfort from his solidity in this less-than-secure environment.

For a few minutes they stayed quiet, marvelling at the view. Looking west, she could see the tiny cluster of high-rise buildings that marked the city, and a strip of darker blue along the horizon that indicated Port Phillip Bay.

Somewhere out there in the endless blue, she and Nick had first made love.

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