Sexting 101, or How to Have Sex with Your Smartphone

Today, we are fortunate to have the awesome Felice Fox as our guest. Please welcome her by turning on your smartphone and waving it back and forth above your head. That’s it! You’ve got it!

See the bright lights, Felice? Those are for you! Take it away….

The heroine of my bestselling erotic short “It’s Just Sext”, became an expert in the art of seduction through text messaging, or sexting, in just a few short months.

Sexting gets a lot of bad press—often due to celebrities or politicians misbehaving. But it is truly an exciting way to let your inner naughty girl express herself. Not everyone is comfortable at first, but all it takes is a little practice! Here are some tips on how to make the best of your own sexting experience.


Delete, Delete, Delete!

Even if you’re in a committed relationship and you trust your partner, keep in mind that phones often get lost, stolen or otherwise fall into curious hands. Ask your partner to delete racy photos right away, or send them using an app such as Snapchat or Poke, which cause photos to self-destruct several seconds after viewing. It’s the digital equivalent of flashing and pretty damn sexy if you ask me. There are ways to thwart the apps, however. A recipient with fast fingers may take a screen shot of your photo before it self-destructs. Also, there have been reports that self-destructing videos are stored in such a way as to be retrieved and viewable later, if you know where to look (I don’t, so don’t ask me!).


Dirty Words

Sexting isn’t all about provocative photos. Start with quick and dirty phrases—think sweethearts candy, but x-rated—or remind them of something they did that you enjoyed. Here are a few fill in the blanks to get you started:

  • I wish I could _____ your ______ right now.
  • I loved it when you ______ my _______.
  • I loved ______ing your ______. I wanna do it again.


Send Them Your Sexy Best

Become an expert at snapping photos of yourself. Take the time to find your most flattering poses and angles. Take loads of test pics of you—or your best asset—from a variety of positions. Play with it! Do the supermodel runway thing until you get a few hot ones that show you at your most scrumptious. Snap those photos while laying in bed, on your belly, on your back, from the side, showing a whole lotta skin or just a little. Discover what works. Take bunches and expect to trash most of them. It takes time to get it right, but it will be worth it.


Who Me?

If you absolutely must send naked pics—and I don’t recommend this outside of a seriously committed, trusting, relationship—keep your face out of it.

She swore it was ‘just sext’, and nothing more…

Lauren has been texting for months with a man she met online, carefully editing the details of her life, sending him only the best of herself—the hottest pictures, the highlights of her day, and her most hard core sexual fantasies. A merchant marine, he traveled the world, so it was safe enough. They would never actually meet, so why not? Her self-esteem could use a little boost.

Marc’s “no talking, only texting” rule was strictly enforced when it came to the sexy thing he met online. She was his ultimate fantasy girl and he wanted to keep it that way. But when his ship is scheduled to dock in a port near her home, he lays it all on the line for the chance at a weekend of hot sex—and maybe something more.

When they finally meet, the heat that smoldered for months feels a lot like love. Forced to tease reality from fantasy, months of texting foreplay ignites into wildfire—something hotter, deeper and sweeter than they had ever imagined.


Excerpt from “It’s Just Sext” by Felice Fox

 Lauren sat down on a corner of the bed, switched the television on, then off again. She could sense his approach, somewhere in the dark, making his way to her from across the country, across the city, to this hotel, this room, this space, after months of pure, ridiculous, long-distance lusting over, of all things, text messaging.

She chose to meet him at a hotel, not let him into her home, her perfectly meted out personal space. She was crazy to let him in at all, but she didn’t know how to protect herself at this point. From a distance, she could, sure. He was just some guy sending her love notes, photos and videos, and who mysteriously refused to actually speak to her over the phone. But what would she do when he reached her door? Her limbs shook and she had to move. She couldn’t wait in the hotel room for him. Maybe if she met him in the lobby or on the street she could maintain some distance, a safe space between them for a little while longer. Give her time to think, settle into the idea of him being…real. Plus, from the lobby she could still run.

This had been her problem all along. She could not stay still when it came to him. He did something to her—his eyes, his lips, the way he touched himself and showed her everything without holding back. They all conspired to plough her under—make her lose her footing and stumble onto her own hand, rubbing almost incessantly to soothe over and over again, her constant state of arousal. She was like a trained pet—one look at him and her little cunt was overheated and begging. Her own sense of propriety kept her from giving in and telling him what she wanted, what she would do to him given the chance. But he knew well enough. That was why he was almost here, after all.

He had sent her photo after naked photo of himself, and each time she found herself wanting a little more. It had been going on for months since they discovered each other’s profiles online. She lived in Santa Monica, and he worked on cruise ships. Marc spent his months circling the globe from one port to the next—though never anywhere near hers. Until now.

She imagined herself on her knees, taking him in, feeling the press of his hands behind her head, forceful, adamant, fingers twisted in her hair while he fucked her mouth. She would grasp the backs of his strong thighs and arch her back to look up at him whenever he let up on her, catching his beautiful stare, his lips slack, shiny, and bitten red. He was so bad, so very bad for her. Wasn’t he?

It’s Just Sext is available now at Amazon. Perfect Sext, the next story in the series, will be available February 2013.


About Felice-

Image of Felice Fox

Felice attributes her love of romance novels to an early, feverish bout with The Kissing Disease. Take Me for Longing, a current Amazon bestseller, was her fiction debut. Her latest release, It’s Just Sext, hit #1 on Amazon’s Bestselling Sex Books list in less than three weeks.

Felice began writing professionally in 2001 and is a bestselling author in the non-fiction market. Her work appears in online learning courses and many popular retail websites.

She works, lives and loves in Los Angeles, California.

Follow Felice on…

Twitter: @felicefox



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  1. Thank you to my fabulous hosts…I truly appreciate the opportunity to be on your site.

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    Chellsie, the next one is Perfect Sext, and it will be out February 14th. Thanks for asking!

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  2. What an enticing excerpt, Felice. Can’t wait to read this one! And some handy tips, too – especially the reminder to remember that delete button 🙂 Good advice. Thanks for stopping by the Sexy Romance Stories blog!

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