Review – Inside Heat by Roz Lee

As an author of ménage romance myself, I was keen to sample Roz Lee’s latest ménage a trois erotic romance, INSIDE HEAT, and boy, did she deliver a home run or three!

I loved INSIDE HEAT for many reasons – well-drawn and likeable characters (yep, made it to first base), an introduction to the fascinating world of baseball, where “inside heat” takes on a multitude of meanings (second base) plus sizzling M/F/M sex scenes (definitely third base).

So we’re sitting at third base right now, feeling hot and horny – what makes this one a home run?

Well, most of all, I loved Ms. Lee’s story because it offers more than simply a bit of hot ménage sex against a backdrop of professional baseball. Essentially, INSIDE HEAT crossed over from a piece of erotica into a true love story, and that’s what makes this one a home run, in my view.

Jeff and Jason Holder are stars of the Mustangs baseball team. Megan is a pediatric nurse who meets the famous twins when she seeks an autograph for one of her patients. Their developing ménage liaison moves from physical gratification to a full committed relationship in a way that is believable despite Megan’s misgivings. But when the balance of attraction shifts to a situation where one or more of these very real characters might miss out on their Happy Ever After, the story takes on a more subtle and complex layer.

Ms. Lee has created three protagonists who all – to differing degrees – find their hearts engaged and at risk of being broken.

INSIDE HEAT delivers everything an erotic romance needs to make it all the way home, with an emotion-packed love story in which the Happy Ever After is not necessarily a given.

I look forward to the next volume in the MUSTANGS BASEBALL series.

Reviewed by Jennifer Lynne.

INSIDE HEAT is available HERE.

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