Erotic romance: looking for May in December?

We are delighted to welcome award-winning erotic author, Nina Pierce, to the Sexy Romance blog today, to talk about the growing phenomenon of the “cougar” and share an erotic snippet from her BDSM May/December story, MAID FOR MASTER. Without further ado, here’s Nina:

Thank you Roz, Chellesie, and Jennifer for letting me hang out with you today to chat about my favorite subject … erotic romance!

When you say the word, cougar, no one these days thinks of the furry animal that roams the mountainside. I think the majority of people see an older woman skulking through the bars in search of a young, virile man half her age.

It wasn’t meant as a term of endearment either.

For some reason men have been courting women half their age for decades. It seems no one ever blinked an eye when these nuptials took place. Even in these relationships it’s not the men who are frowned at, but the “gold-digging” wives. And now that women are following this trend, they’re considered predators preying on the young.


Why is there such a discrepancy between these situations?  Well, the answer is as old as the differences between sexually active men and women in the 50’s and 60’s. One was considered to be a right-of-passage, the other slutty and undesirable. But I’d like to think the stigma is changing.

It seems it’s the young men of these May/December romances who are seeking out an older woman. Older women are beyond the game playing and manipulation that is found in their younger counterparts. But the young man must bring more than a hot body and a great libido to the table. Older women are still looking for a mature relationship with intellectual and recreational interests in common (of course a strong sex drive never hurt any relationship 😉 ).

With the growing popularity of cougars in our culture, more readers are seeking stories about them. My Ecstasy Resort series offers readers hot stories of older woman looking for younger men. MAID FOR MASTER, available from Ellora’s Cave, is the first book in this series.


When lust and deception collide, will her complete submission be enough to bind their hearts?

Treat herself to a carnal weekend at the hedonistic retreat, XTC Resorts? That’s not something Claire Calderwood, a three-time loser in the relationship department would ordinarily do. But at forty-one, having a successful cleaning business is no longer enough. She wants a chance to let go of all responsibility, submit to a stranger’s sexual demands and satisfy her darkest fantasies.

Jonathon Brierton has known his best friend’s sister long enough to recognize her submissive nature. He would like nothing more than to have Claire bound naked and at the mercy of his flogger as he teaches her the sensual art of obeying her Master. At thirty-something, he’s a successful real estate developer, owner of a BDSM resort—and hopelessly in love with the older woman.

When Claire follows him to his resort, Jonathon is certain he can keep his identity secret long enough to convince her that being restrained in his stocks is something that will satisfy them both. But lies, deceit and broken hearts may not be so easy to overcome.


Claire had fantasized about being a sexual slave to a man’s desires for a long time now. She’d even taken the time to buy a couple of books on the D/s lifestyle. Those few times she’d tried to communicate her desires to her partners had turned into nothing more than mindless rutting that had left her feeling empty and used. Being tied to a bed while her boyfriend satisfied his fantasies wasn’t the same as the give and take of consensual passion happening in the dungeon below.

Her hope had been to share this weekend with her fiancé so they could both learn from the experience of others. But Claire understood better than most that plans had a way of disintegrating dreams.

How she’d managed to let her baby brother’s best friend talk her into keeping her plans still baffled her. Adjusting the butterfly mask, she cast a quick glance around. Claire wasn’t sure she’d survive if she ran into Jonny here at the fetish club of all places. She hoped he was neck-deep in some hot tub with a good-looking co-ed. Goodness knows, she didn’t know what she’d say if he found her strutting around in the barely there leather bra and skirt and heavy knee-high biker boots she’d found in the closet of her suite. She would be mortified if he told Ryan of her foolishness. Surely, she’d never hear the end of it. But this vacation wasn’t about her brother Ryan, his friend Jonny or her ex-fiancé or anything else she’d left behind in Indiana. It was about Claire and giving herself permission to let loose and give in to her fantasies.

Throwing her shoulders back, Claire forced away the gloomy thoughts and turned her attention back to the dungeon. A man hung face-up by a series of knotted ropes. His arms and legs were stretched wide, exposing his torso and genitals to tempting possibilities.

“Are you enjoying the show?”

A male voice, thick and rich as honeyed molasses shivered down her spine. When Claire attempted to turn, he pressed into her back. His face nestled against her neck so that only a whisper separated his lips from the shell of her ear.

“Don’t turn. Just answer. Are. You. Enjoying. The. Show?”

He spoke softly, each word enunciated clearly. It was such a simple question and delivered with such intensity, Claire could barely fill her lungs. The hard planes of his chest pressed against her. Muscular thighs ran along the back of her legs and against her ass. Gooseflesh rose where his breath caressed her neck. It was all she could do not to lean into the man.

“I… Well… I…”

“Yes. Or. No?”

Power buffeted her but didn’t smother. Rather than drowning, Claire felt swaddled in the absolute security of this man. Her nipples steepled, pressing hard against zippers running along the soft leather cup of her bra. And when she inhaled to speak, the clean scent of soap and fresh air filled her nose. “Yes.”

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Nina Pierce is an award-winning author of erotic romance. Her stories fall in all genres from contemporary to science fiction, romantic suspense to paranormal. When she’s not sitting at her computer creating stories of lust and love, she’s spending time with her real life hero and husband of twenty-eight years, her three adult children, one love-sick son-in-law, a heart-melting adorable grandson and three cats who consider her “staff”.  You can keep up with all her latest books on her website  or her blog  or follow her on twitter and facebook.


10 thoughts on “Erotic romance: looking for May in December?

  1. Wow, E, some really points. I hadn’t thought of the longevity issue, but I’m sure there are women who like the fact that their partner is younger for just that reason.

    And, like you, I don’t see an issue with a decade difference between partners, we have several of those relationships in our family and I only think about it at birthdays. But when there are 2+ decades (regardless of which sex is older) it gets a little squicky for me … mostly because in many cases the spouse is the same age as their children. And one is left wondering about the true motivation for the relationship (on both parts).

  2. Hi, Nina, I love your post. May I toss a few more ideas your way? Women looked for older men because they were more established and were able to provide for them. But women today don’t need a man to provide for them. They have careers and are quite independent. Therefore they are freer to choose.

    Women today outlive men. Why marry older? The clock is ticking, and they’ll find themselves widowed at a young age.

    Women of a “certain” age have fewer options. The remaining single men of that certain age tend to fall into one of three categories: 1) men that no one else wanted and there’s a reason for that, 2) men looking for someone to care for them in their old age, 3) men looking for that young thing.

    Once a person reaches adulthood, I don’t think a few years one way or the other really matters, but I’ve shaken my head when I’ve watched 40 something women marry men in their early twenties, and men who have tossed aside marriages for a female who is younger than their children.

    Are these older partners looking for a fountain of youth? Or is love truly ageless?

  3. Roz – You’d think we’d come out of those kinds of stereotypes, but I believe the perceptions still hold true. I keep hoping we’re moving to “love is love” regardless of age, sex or skin color. Maybe in my children’s generation.

    And I’m so glad you enjoyed the excerpt. As I told Jennifer, I just love this story.

  4. Hi Jennifer … thanks so much for having me today. I love Claire and Jonathon’s story and the chemistry that ignites the page! I hope you check them out.

  5. Thanks so much for visiting with us, Nina. You are so right about the double standard regarding the age difference. Older men are seen as desirable while older women are not. Once we’ve passed our child-bearing age we’re considered useless. Even the term Cougar is derogatory as is gold-digger. Older men looking for younger women are just horny old coots – and that is often said with a hint of admiration.
    Great post. Loved the excerpt. I’m adding this one to my TBR pile!

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