Five Smoking Star Review: Aphrodite Calling by Jennifer Lynne

When my blog mate told me she had written a book about a transgendered woman, I wondered how she would approach this highly charged and difficult topic in an erotic romance. How do you as a woman enter into the head of someone who has had a sex change operation from male to female and make it feel real? I was blown away by Jennifer’s ability to get into the deep point of view of the character and to keep it erotic and heart felt. The heart of the story is really about being lonely and wanting to be loved. Himeros, one of Aphrodite’s underlings, is at a crossroad in his life as a god. He’s jaded, seen it all. Gina has decided to go to her high school reunion, not as the male she was in her teens, but as the stunning new female she has become. She, too, is at a crossroads. At the reunion, she feels overwhelmed and ridiculed and silently cries out for help. Himeros hears her call and appears at her side, sweeping her away from the gaping crowd, to a penthouse made for love. No spoilers here, but I will tell you this is hot hot hot–and heartfelt. Kudos to Jennifer for taking up this challenge and doing a magnificent job in telling the story!

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  1. I just recently won a copy of this one from Jennifer. I read the blurb and it sounded very intriguing. I especially wanted to read it after reading Platinum Passion and really enjoying it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Sharon! 🙂

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