Be Careful What You Wish For…

I was lonely growing up…  I think many people are.  But I fixed that all right!

"Woman Loneliness" by savit keawtavee:

The loneliness seemed most acute when we traveled. My parents liked to take us on lots of vacations, by car and sometimes by plane,and we had lots of good adventures. But by the time I was 12 or 13 years old, sitting by myself, looking out the window on those long journeys, I felt so alone.

Back then, I blamed it on being the odd one out–my younger brothers had each other and my parents did too. But I think it was mostly that I had become a teenager, and was longing to leave my parents and have my own adventures. And I was a young woman, yearning for love and romance.

Soon I was dating, going from new love to heartbreak, and back again. I fell in love easily, perhaps more in love with the idea of it than with the young objects of my affection. Then I found him–the one I’d never leave and who’d never leave me. My dream came true.

We started a family, and I built a home business to be with my children. I hired two full-time employees who work in an office in my home. Because of their ages and needs, my three boys go to three different schools. With people coming and going all day for work, and three teenage boys coming and going evenings and weekends, it seems I never get a minute to myself. At times it drives me crazy. But… I’m never lonely!

Be careful what you wish for!

Sometimes I find myself wishing for wishing for time off, alone time. But now I am more careful with my wishes! I am so grateful for my beautiful family, and wouldn’t want them to leave, so now I wish for some nice quiet time to recharge myself so I can be there for my guys.

And when I’m all finished wishing, I go take a yoga class. Wishing is good, but then you’ve gotta go do something to make those dreams come true!

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