Is a Bad Habit Okay if there’s a Good Reason?

We are excited to welcome erotic romance author Maggie Nash as she talks about her bad habit, and there’s a contest for one lucky commenter!  Here’s Maggie…

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Thanks so much for inviting me! Today I’m talking about a bad habit I have. It’s shameful I know, but I can’t help myself.
They say that the first step is to admit it, so here goes —
I’m an eavesdropper.
There. I said it.
I am one of those terrible people who watches people and listens in on conversations. I know it’s wrong. I know it’s invading the privacy of others, but that doesn’t seem to matter to me. I do it anyway 🙂 Bad me.
Occasionally I can’t hear what they are saying, so I make up stories about what they might be saying. It’s amazing how exciting the life of perfect strangers can be!
Other times I listen in while I’m walking down the street. Sometimes I can hear people inside their homes talking to each other, and other times they are talking as they walk. I hear conversations about things as mundane as what they had for dinner last night, or as deep as the answer to World Peace. Of course it’s a lot more fun when I hear people teasing each other, or having fun!
My absolute favourite place to listen in is on the train. No one makes eye contact on a train these days so little ole me can sit quietly, pretend that I’m not there, and glean any number of conversations and file them away for future use.
My mother would be so disappointed in me. She tried to drum into me from an early age that it is rude to listen in to what others are saying, but can I remember what she taught me? No Ma’am.
So why do I do it? I have a really good reason, and you might even forgive me when you hear it.  My mum might even understand.
Eventually 😉
Okay, back to the reason I do it.
Research. Pure and simple.
That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it! I file away stories, conversations, characters, situations, names – you name it, I steal it! But it’s all in a good cause. They find their way into my stories eventually.
It’s not all bad :-), and I’m certainly not giving it up just yet!
So next time you talk to a friend in public, remember – you never know who’s listening. It could be me!
What bad habits do you have? Go on – you know you want to share!

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The man knocked twice on the intricately carved wood with the ornate brass knocker. It opened as he stepped back, ushering her inside. The hallway was narrow but a door appeared immediately on her right.
“Go inside the first room. There you will be given instructions for the beginning of your training.”
She turned, wanting to thank the man for his direction, but he’d already left. She knocked lightly, and the door opened under the pressure of her hand. The room was warm and inviting with a cast iron fireplace blazing with flames. She walked farther inside, spying a wide partners’ desk and several chairs. All class, taste and decorum. No kink to be seen.
From where she stood the area appeared unoccupied. Not sure of what was expected of her she made a beeline for the comfortable looking couch and sat down.
“Did I say you could sit down?”
Shit, where did he come from? Erica struggled to stand back up, almost slipping to the floor as her dress slid on the buttery soft leather cushion. Way to make an impression, girl. “I’m sorry,” she said before she managed to scramble to her feet. “I didn’t realise there was anyone h—” Oh my God it’s him. The guy from the bar. The one who was so much like Colin Farrell he could be his twin brother. Her knees faltered as she tried to stand up straight. It was then that the penny dropped. The bar had been a set-up.

I’m Maggie Nash and I write romance novels. Some of them are suspenseful, some are pretty hot, and some of them are a little bit kinky, but what they all have in common is a fun, romantic ending.

I started writing more by accident than design when one day I ran out of books to read so I started writing one myself. And boy am I glad I did, because writing has become a huge part of my life.

I live with my family on the beautiful south coast of New South Wales in Australia. You can find me most days having a cappuccino at the beach!      Website   Facebook   Twitter

Pre-order the book here: Kinky Bet

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28 thoughts on “Is a Bad Habit Okay if there’s a Good Reason?

  1. I have an extremely bad habit of snooping. If anyone in my house tries to hide something I will wait until they’re not home and go searching. Was terrible as a child as I found out all the gifts santa got for me!

  2. LOL..thanks everyone for your posts and for dropping by and supporting me! I love you all! There’s some very naughty habits there but it seems we all think it’s okay to eavesdrop! Who knew?

  3. There is nothing wrong with eavesdropping, Maggi. All the nicest people do it.
    My family laugh because if they leave me alone for five minutes, strangers come up to me and confide their life story and their deepest secrets.
    For good or bad, I seem to have one of those faces.
    So my bad habit is ‘listening’, extra attentively, though I resist the urge to take notes. This way I don’t have to admit to eavesdropping. LOL!

  4. I like to look in windows when I walk and drive by houses. Of course we have to do this, it’s research! Nice post, thanks for sharing.

  5. Apart from listening in on conversations (we all know that it’s legitimate research), I do have one that can be embarrassing at times(cos I’ve been caught out quite a few times) – when dining out or having a coffee somewhere, I have a habit of drawing people/characteristics on serviettes that may come in handy at some future date. Some are NOT complementary and some are total caricatures – I even had one guy grab the serviette and pocket it as though he didn’t want to be ‘recorded’. I turned him into a sneaky, low-down snitch in one of my short story assignments – heheheeheheeeee

  6. Yep, that’s the truth Willsin. People love to read about themselves…they want to see themselves in our characters, so they can really feel what’s happening 🙂

  7. Maggie,so grateful for your dirty habit. Makes for entertaining reading. Keep up the good work. Now, if I could only stay out of other people’s business….

  8. Hi Maggie! Love the excerpt. I’m sure I have loads of bad habits but the one I will share is that I chew and pick at the skin around my fingernails especially when I’m lost in thought. Disgusting, I know! Have a great day. 🙂

  9. Hi Chrissy! Yes, I think we all do it 🙂
    Kiru – you got me – yes, I’m a bit naughty *vbg*
    Victoria – I get some of my best dialogue through eavesdropping!
    So Donna – you have an advantage over the rest of us!
    Normandie – I love my salt on my potatoes so I can relate to that bad habit – YUM!
    Oh thank you Lea! I hope you enjoy it!
    Thanks for adding the link Chellisie!
    Anyone else have a few bad habits to share?

  10. Of course a writer must eavesdrop, isn’t that part of it? Lol. My bad habit is that I salt everything! pizza, bread, unless it’s sweet – I salt it. Oh, but I salt watermelon too…

    I’m dying to read this book, so please pick me!
    normandiealleman (at) yahoo (dot) com

  11. Thanks Jennifer. It’s a bit of a guilty pleasure now – so many of my characters come from something I hear from someone on the train 🙂 I’m excited waiting for Kinky Bet to come out 🙂 I hope readers like it as much as I do LOL

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