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snippets buttonHappy weekend everyone!

I’m at the Romance Writers of Australia conference in Fremantle, Western Australia this weekend but I’m dropping by to give you a special Sexy Snippet from one of my works in progress – Awakenings.  It’s an erotic Victorian story and is related to my short story Illuminations.  This story continues the adventures of those wanting to explore their sensual and kinky side at Maitland House.  As the people of London are expected to be conservative and follow the laws regarding depraved behaviour, they escape to Maitland House to fulfil all of their fantasies without fear of being caught.  We begin with Anna, a young spinster who is convinced she will never marry, so enters the house for an Awakening of her sexual nature and lose her virginity. Here is a sexy snippet for your reading pleasure…

The words of the woman echoed in her mind. Would she find what she was seeking? Did she have the courage to try? Despite the coldness of the late Autumn evening, unfamiliar heat intimately surrounded her body and her unbound nipples tightened almost painfully as they scraped against the roughness of the raw silk shirt she’d been instructed to wear.

Strange men are going to touch me.

She shivered, feeling wicked for even contemplating the thought. Could she go through with this?


I look forward to finishing it so I can share the rest!  If you have read and liked ILLUMINATIONS, you will love this story 🙂

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Happy Weekend!


I like to watch…

I think the first time I realised that I like to watch was as a young adolescent. I’d taken the train to the city with some friends to see Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.  It was Moomba (people from Melbourne will relate), which is a public holiday with a street parade. Moomba is an indigenous word meaning getting together and having fun. But I digress…

We had to risk life and limb and cross the road during the parade so we could get to The Regent theatre where the movie was being screened.  I’m pretty sure it was the year I was about 12 or 13 years old.  One of those anyway…lol.

I was having fun drooling over a young Robert Redford. I mean, seriously, who didn’t drool?  That craggy blond hair and mustache…those amazing eyes. *sigh*….then that scene. started..

You know the one…Katherine Ross arrives home to her small cottage and starts getting undressed for a bath.  Robert Redford surprises her and threatens her with a gun, forcing her to take all of her clothes off and untie her chemise.  Slowly.   Very slowly.

Oh. My. God.

My heart pounded so fast and loud I was almost deafened. I was so hot I was sure everyone beside me would be feeling the heat radiating off me. (Okay, I guess this was also when I realised that I liked a bit of Dom/Sub action too, but I didn’t have a clue what it was at the time;-)).

My life changed in that one scene.   It wasn’t just the hormones coming to the fore, it was like a switch turned on.

So now, many years later I still get off on watching.  Mostly watching from the comfort of my bed reading my favourite erotic novel, or erotic movie scenes….the feeling has never died, and now I find myself writing a voyeuristic story.  I have to say it’s making me hot!

BTW…I’ve seen that movie 12 times 🙂  I must get it out again…

So let me know…do you like to watch?  Stand up and be counted!

#SexonSaturday and #SexySnippets from Illuminations

Happy weekend everyone!

It’s my turn to give you some quick and sexy words today.  I’m doing both #SexonSaturday with one of our Sexy Romance Writers – Roz Lee  and the #SexySnippets which you can find more about HERE

I’m using my Victorian Erotic BDSM story ILLUMINATIONS for my inspiration today. I hope you find the words inspiring too!

My one sentence for #sexonsaturdays is:

Why did the thought of being slapped across her sex make her sweat?

And here is my very hot seven sentences for #SexySnippets (WARNING: HOT!)

“Oh, God.” The strangled cry was loud to her ears but it faded to nothing as the strange feelings inside her continued to build higher and higher. She closed her eyes again, leaning against the wall as the built-up pressure burst and stars appeared across her closed eyelids. Wave after wave of pleasure consumed her as moisture trickled a path from her sex down her thighs. Bewildered, she withdrew her hand from her drawers and attempted to right her tumbled skirt with shaking hands.

“Don’t pull down your skirt on my account,” breathed a masculine voice close to her ear.


When you dip your finger in the fire – you get burned!

When Darius and his friend Jamie find Gemma, a young scullery maid, peeking through a shaded window at a ménage scene with one of their guests, they have just the right punishment for her.

Gemma finds she is unable to tear her eyes from the scandalous scene in front of her. Why didn’t she run from this act of depravity? And why did watching it make her body feel heat in places she’d never felt heat before?

Before the hot summer evening is over Gemma finds herself at the mercy of not one, but two very handsome young men who not only want to teach her a lesson, but as she soon finds out – she is the lesson, and this time she is the one with an audience.

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Maggie Nash

Peter’s Rules – or how to solve the world’s problems with a list!

I know these have done the rounds before, but I found them again on my computer today and re read them.

I love number 16…but several of them resonate with me.

I hope everyone has a great week!


Peter’s Rules

1) If anything can go wrong, Fix It! (To hell with Murphy.)

2) When given a choice, Take Both!

3) Multiple projects lead to multiple successes.

4) Start at the top and work your way up.

5) Do it by the book…but be the author!

6) When forced to compromise, ask for more.

7) If you can’t beat them, join them–then beat them!

8) If it’s worth doing it’s got to be done right now!

9) If you can’t win, change the rules.

10) If you can’t change the rules, then ignore them.

11) Perfection is not optional.

12) When faced without a challenge, make one.

13) ‘No’ simply means begin again at one higher level.

14) Don’t walk when you can run.

15) Bureaucracy is a challenge to be conquered with a righteous attitude, a tolerance for stupidity, and a bulldozer when necessary.

16) When in doubt: Think!

17) Patience is a virtue, but persistence to the point of success is a blessing.

18) The squeaky wheel gets replaced.

19) The faster you move, the slower time passes, the longer you live.


Let us know which ones ring true for you…

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