#SexySnippets from I’m on Fire

fire2This week’s snippet is from my upcoming steamy book I’M ON FIRE, which is the first in my series of stories set on Lake Eden.

In the opening scene of I’M ON FIRE, Clint met this way-too-young and way-too-hot barmaid when she plopped onto his lap. The next day, she showed up at the dock.

“What brings you down here? The race isn’t until Saturday.”
“I wanted some adventure…”
“Like what?” The minute he asked that, he knew he shouldn’t have.
“Well, regular adventures like hiking and sailing, and, you know, sexual adventures.”
She didn’t just say that. Shit.

Watch for release date coming soon!

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In Books These Days, Sex Sells

herhandonhischestWhen it comes to books, what’s popular now is quite different from the past. And one of those big differences is erotica and erotic romance. In other words, sex sells.

Erotica and erotic romance are different — erotica is primarily one character’s sexual journey, while erotic romance is the sexual journey of two (or more!) people as they develop a romantic relationship. Erotic romance must have a happy ending, while erotica can have any kind of ending, even tragic. But for the purpose of tracking popular culture, books of a steamy or erotic nature are often lumped together.

In the 20 Years USA Today’s of Best-Selling Book Lists article, they divide the last twenty years into 3 eras. The first one, 1993-1998, they call “The Brick-and-Mortar Era” because we bought almost all of our books at physical stores. This era was dominated by self-help type books like “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus,” “Chicken Soup for the Soul,” The Celestine Prophecy,” and “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” The two  big series that changed what we think about ‘children’s books’ also began climbing the lists: the Harry Potter series and the Twilight series.

They call the next 10 years the “Dotcom Sales Come of Age” era, when people started buying most of their books online, but still buying and reading the print version. The Harry Potter series topped the charts, followed by the Twilight series, while the self-help books faded from popularity.

The third era, from 2009 through 2013, they call “E-books Take Off.” The number one book of the last five years is “The Hunger Games” followed by “Fifty Shades of Grey,” and then  of course their sequels. “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”  and the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” series are all in the top 25 selling books, but not one self-help book. Some speculate that, instead of reading books for research, more and more people just use the internet instead. But perhaps it’s just a result of the higher volume of fiction that people are buying now on their e-readers that has bumped the self-help books down below the top 25 mark. I think readers often target one particular self-help book to read, but download many fiction books on impulse because with e-books, it’s so easy to carry a bunch around.

About the last five years, they conclude “Since 2009, fiction (as a percentage of best sellers) has risen to all-time highs and erotica went mainstream as e-books became the fastest growing part of the market.” They don’t speculate why, but it’s pretty obvious. According to a 2011 survey by Romance Writers of America (which I believe is the largest authors’ organization in the world), the number of people who read erotic romance on e-readers was more than double the percent who read it in print. I’m sure that number has grown since then.

We can see that sales of subjects that had been considered tabboo, like gay literature and erotic literature, have increased dramatically when the reader didn’t have to buy the book from a live person at a cash register. And with e-books you have the benefit of reading discreetly–no one sitting next to you at work or on public transit can see the front or back cover. We know what people want to read when they are limited by the opinions of others. Sexy stuff!

So go ahead, indulge your wildest fantasies, and read a steamy or erotic romance!



The Worst Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas!

Sexy or Not? I’ve been amazed by the assortment of Halloween costumes that attempt to be sexy but fail miserably. Some are amusing. Others are just yucky.PUBLISHED by catsmob.com

Here are some of the worst sexy Halloween costume ideas I’ve ever seen:

Sexy Sesame Street Character

Sexy Ernie and Bert. Really? For an adult woman? You’re kidding, right? Oh no, it’s real. Sesame Street characters are not sexy. At all. And Sexy Elmo? That’s scary. And the scariest part is that there are at least 7 different versions of them that I’ve seen. Wow.


Sexy Sort-of-Tigger

How about a man attempting to be sexy wearing nothing but a little kid’s hooded Tigger costume and Spiderman undies? Oh, bother. Maybe brave, but not sexy. At least he’s got a decent body.




Sexy Tin Man

Another strange choice for a woman’s costume. As the author of the War and Pizza blog noted, “No heart, no sex organs, needs lubing up to function.” Doesn’t sound too enticing. This model might look good in it, but the theme isn’t helping her any.


Giant Private Parts

How about a rubber mask of a guy’s package? Um, no. Just no. Nothing sexy about it. Same with the female parts. So nudity is usually sexy. But that ain’t nudity. And that ain’t sexy.


sexybananaSexyCornSexy Fruits and Vegetables

Sexy watermelon or sexy corn? Not terrible. Not cringe-worthy. But not sexy either. Definitely too corny for me. (Sorry, can’t resist a good pun. Or an awful one!)

Now the sexy banana has a certain appeal… 😉

In that War and Pizza blog post, the author also commented, “there are plenty of ways to dress sexy for those gals who wish to do so… But this fascination with taking non-sexy characters and sexing them up? Is at best disturbing and at worst a sign of the imminent decline of civilization as we know it.”

Hmmm. So maybe this another sign of impending zombie apocalypse. Now there’s an idea for a costume. A sexy zombie. Hey, I thought of it first!

Check out another post about Halloween costumes “A Fantasy Come to Life?”

#SexySnippets – Power Play

It’s time again for Sexy Snippets! Here are another seven sentences from “Power Play,” a story abPower Play coverout sensual bondage:

     “Then it’s settled.”
He grinned and his eyes gleamed wickedly. “If you say so. That is your call. Everything else, however, is my call.”
She had ended up a few feet away from him, but he closed the distance immediately. “Everything.”



“Power Play”

“A seductive brat tempts a sexy artist to risk his one shot at partnership for a fling with her. But when he takes control, who will come out on top?”

When I wrote this, I wondered what kind of woman could seduce a man to risk his hard-won career to be with her. What if there was the danger of them being discovered any minute? I thought it would be fun to see how he’d plan his payback. What would he do if he had complete control over her for a night?

Read “Power Play” on Amazon now!
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Erotic Goes Old School

Today we welcome Kate Deveaux, talking about her sexy story “Academy of Love.” And there’s a contest at the end for one lucky reader to win a copy!

Readers often ask how I got the idea for Academy of Love, an erotic romance set in an all girls’ boarding school. Well, I could just say experience and that would be 100% correct, but it’s more than that…

We all know the adage: Write what you know.

For me, boarding school life is oh so familiar (and no, I’m not going to tell you which boarding school I went to!). If I did, I am quite sure the school would be over run with women looking for drop dead sexy Lawrence. Enrollment would go way up and attendance way, way down…But I digress.

Academy of Love_cover artAcademy of Love is the scorching tale of lovers reunited when Cassianna Baxter returns to her alma mater, Lewiston School for Girls. This time not as a student — but as deputy head mistress. The daily routine of the prim and proper boarding school is contrasted against the wild erotic passions of the long lost lovers and rules-just-begging-to-be broken uptight setting of the boarding school.

But it’s more than just the school setting that fires up Academy of Love and keeps the lovers galloping along, it’s also the majestic landscape of Hunt Country Virginia — so idyllic and pure. Unlike the passions of Cassianna and Lawrence….

The characters bring the setting and story to life. I hope we can all sympathize with the wearing-his-heart-on-his-sleeve hero Lawrence, when he is reunited with his long lost (but still buttoned-up) Cassianna. Passions flare and the misunderstandings of the past come back to haunt these lovers within the setting of boarding school life.

Secondary characters layer the story. Who among of us hasn’t met a Monique along the way? The conspiring vixen who makes Cassianna green with jealousy. And then there is Millie, darling Millie, the fairy godmother so to speak for Cassianna along with Mrs. Hetherington, the straight-laced headmistress, who is stern, but also burned by past loves. Then there is Cassianna’s ex-boyfriend, Richard, whom she was sure she’d left behind in Italy.

My things are getting very busy at this boarding school….

Lawrence watched her as she left the dance floor, he was rather getting used to watching her walking away. He didn’t mind the view, but he knew this time was different. She would be his as long as he didn’t frighten her off first. Feeling his growing need straining against his jeans, he followed her request and walked slowly away, and then to her cottage.

The moonlight streamed across her porch and lit a sliver of light across the threshold to the cottage as he stopped and took a deep steadying breath. The only thing separating him from what he wanted more than anything was her front door. Barely able to calm the pounding in his chest he took the porch steps two a time and placed his hand on the screen door. It squeaked as he opened it and then the wood door next.

“In here,” Cassianna whispered to him from the darkness, “and shut the door behind you, I don’t want anyone to see you here.”

“Oh, Cassie,” he said, seeing her silhouetted against the fireplace in the darkened living room.

He couldn’t wait to get her out of those jeans. Unable to contain his emotions another moment, he moved to her side in a split second, gathered her up in his arms, his mouth finding hers and their urgent passions meeting. He’d waited too long for this and now he was finally going to have her.

His mouth was hungry as his tongue found hers and kissed her deeply. He pressed his body hard against her; he wanted to feel all of her touching him as his lips explored her luscious mouth making his cock hard with want. His body tensed under her nimble hands as she ran them along his shoulders and across his back, as he roamed her curves, remembering every part of her body as if it were yesterday.

Breathing heavily, they both stopped and looked at each other. “I want to remember this,” he said, as he undid her scarf, throwing it carelessly over his shoulder and then turned his gaze to her shirt buttons. Slowly, one, by agonizing one, he undid each button. Her body quivered with excitement as his fingers grazed her nipples but only teasing her by passing over them as her shirt slipped off easily and he continued his caresses lower. He knelt slowly down in front of her.

Enter here for a chance to win a free copy! Rafflecopter giveaway

Buy Academy of Love on Amazon
B&N: http://bit.ly/1bi6C1u

Kate Deveaux is a contemporary erotic romance writer and die-hard romantic. A former wedding planner, she has always been “in love” with love! Kate writes sexy romance, with heroines who are no shrinking violets and heroes who make your heart skip a beat. She currently resides with her husband in Arizona.


Wicked Games by Samanthe Beck

Please give a warm welcome to our guest Samanthe Beck…

Thanks, Sexy Romance Stories, for having me as a guest today! I’m thrilled to be here.Lovers Unmasked

I’m also thrilled to announce my novella, “Wicked Games” released this week as part of a Halloween anthology called “Lovers Unmasked” from Entangled’s super-sexy Brazen line. One of the best aspects of contributing to the anthology, (besides sharing pages with amazing authors like NYT/USA Today bestselling author Katee Robert, USA Today bestselling author Cari Quinn, and my Brazen debut sister Tessa Bailey), was the chance to write a story that takes place at a Halloween party. Gotta love characters in costume! Such a ripe environment for mistaken identities, hidden agendas, and some very wicked games. 😉

Valentine’s Day may have a lock on most romantic holiday, but I think Halloween wins, hands down, for sexiest. It’s all about the costumes. What other day of the year can you dress up as a French maid, or a nurse, or a hooker, or Miley Cyrus in a vinyl bikini, (unless you’re Miley Cyrus, in which case the answer is EVERYday), and hunt down the lifeguard, caveman, cowboy or Jedi Knight of your dreams?

When it came to outfitting my heroine, Stacy, and her twin sister, Kylie, in the perfect costumes, I toyed around with several twins-y ideas, but finally decided to let them go against type. Stacy, the “naughty” twin, dresses as a not-so-innocent angel, and Kylie, the “good” twin, becomes a spandex-clad she-devil. Pretty sexy, huh?

How about you? What’s the sexiest Halloween costume you’ve dared to don? And are you topping it this year?! Post a comment below and let me know. One lucky commenter will win a Nook or Kindle version of “Lovers Unmasked”! But if you can’t wait three days to find out if you’ve won, you can find “Lovers Unmasked” on:


Barnes and Noble



Here’s an excerpt of “Wicked Games” to put you in the mood…

Stacy guided Ian to a chair and gestured for him to sit. “Ever had a private dance before?”


“Sit back, Mystery Man. You’re in for a treat.” She reached behind him for the sound system’s remote, and programmed what she liked to call the “soft-core playlist.” Unobtrusive, sexy music streamed from hidden speakers, further muffling the noise from the party.

“Any rules I should know about?”

“Normally yes, but not tonight.” She stepped up until she stood over his lap, with her hands on his broad shoulders and her breasts close to his masked face. “Tonight there are no holds barred. Nothing off-limits. Think you can handle it?”

Trap set. Ian never backed down.

“Don’t you worry, Angel. I can handle whatever you throw my way.” He reached around, under her skirt, and palmed her bare cheeks, left vulnerable by her thong. “Quick hands, remember?”

She remembered, and forced herself to hold back a shiver. His voice held a note of something she couldn’t readily identify—challenge, maybe. Like he wanted to push her and see how far she’d go. She rotated her hips slowly, giving his hands a nice, thorough tour of the hills and gully they’d laid claim to. Rough palms slid all over her smooth, sensitive skin. Her nerve endings sat up and whimpered for more.

She lowered her arms and shrugged out of her wings.

“A fallen angel,” he murmured and traced his fingers along the front of her dress.

Her nipples contracted again, almost painfully tight this time. She imagined the feel of the knit ski mask rubbing against her breast as his tongue teased the hard, hypersensitive point. She bit back a moan. “I’m no angel.”

Award winning author Samanthe Beck lives in Malibu, California with her husband, their son, Kitty the furry Ninja, and Bebe the trash talkin’ Chihuahua.  When not writing fun, sexy, contemporary romances or napping on her beach towel with her face snuggled to her Kindle, she searches for the perfect ten dollar cabernet.

Connect with Sam via Facebook, (www.facebook.com/samanthebeckwriter), Twitter, (@SamantheBeck1) or through her website at www.samanthebeck.com



#SexySnippets from “Five Minute Love Stories”

This week’s seven sexy lines are from a short story in the collection “Five Minute Love Stories.” This anthology contains 22 diverse stories, some sweet, some steamy, and mine is called “Three Little Words.”

FiveMinuteLoveStories   Behind her, he pulled her to standing and intertwined his arms with hers, holding her tightly against him.
“How ‘bout I take you out to dinner tonight?” he whispered in her ear.
She nodded, not trusting her words.
“Maybe we can find that little Italian restaurant we went to the first time you spent the night with me. Let’s see about that ‘putty in my hands’ business.” He lifted her clasped hands over her head and planted them behind his neck.
With her arms raised, she felt off-balance and her knit top lifted above her waist.


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Also on Smashwords and Barnes & Noble.

5 Fun Wedding Vows

There’s nothing more romantic than wedding vows, right? groom-yoga

Many are very traditional, most are are sweet and poignant, but some are quite unusual!

People like to take the traditional thoughts of “to have and to hold” and “till death do us part” and make them more personal. One addition to that verbiage that I found on living.msn.com was “through fat and skinny.” Another amendment I saw there that I found amusing is “to love and be faithful for as long as we can stand each other.” Not too romantic, but it’s realistic!

There’s a fun “Nerd Wedding Code” that I saw on geeksaresexy.net. and someone made into a card. It’s got full computer coding for a wedding! Here’s a quick sample:

function do_wed ( ) {
if ($objections  ! = true)  {

My favorite would have to be the Pirate wedding vows. I can’t imagine a better way to sail off into the sunset with my tall, dark and one-legged. Just like monogrammed bathrobes or cutlasses, there are matching ones for him and her. Here arrr! his vows:

I, Mad Dog _______________ take ye, Saucy ______________________ as me Heart, me Soul, me Good Wench with a stout right hook, the bright dawn of each new day and the soft bed of each day’s night. I promise to love ye and honor ye; to make ye laugh when yer feelin’ out of sorts and pretend to listen to ye when ye babble on and on about nothin’ in particular. I will protect you from the elements and the elephants should we ever encounter them as it is my understanding that they can be very large and unpredictable. I will love thee through scurvy and through fire, in wealth or poverty whether ye be near or far. And when I speak of treasure, as I am wont to do, everyone within the sound of me voice will know that what I am really speaking about is you. All of this will I undertake until there are no horizons left to chase and the rum is gone.

And if the suspense is killin’ ye, her matching vows be shown at offbeatbride.com.

And lastly, though certainly not leastly, from the same site, here is a wedding vow for those want to be fully prepared for their future together:

Do you take [name] to be your husband, to have and to hold from this day forward for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish until death or zombies do you part?

Touching isn’t it? I think we’re all a bit touched!

#SexySnippets from Flying High

sexywidowHere are seven sexy sentences from “Flying High,” an erotic romance from the male point of view:

“Oh Baby, I fantasize about you every night.” He probably shouldn’t have admitted that, but it was true.
“Then why don’t you call me?”
“Honestly, I like talking to you and all, but it drives me crazy to talk to you when I wanna see you, touch you. You understand? It’s too damn frustrating. If my balls get any bluer they’re gonna have to invent another color on the color wheel.”

“Flying High”

Paul ‘I don’t do overnights’ has met his match with sexy physical therapist Callie. But is this adventurous guy willing to give up his independence to have the wild sexual encounters he craves?

I just finished writing this male fantasy novella, and had a lot fun with it. Paul flies across country for his job, and I couldn’t help wondering what kind of mischief he’d get into in those airplanes…

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