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My name is Tamsin Baker and I write erotic romance. I love it. I signed up for NaNoWriMo last November. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it stands for National Novel Writing Month. The aim is to write 50K in 30 days, and I took on the challenge with much trepidation. I knew I couldn’t write one story that long, so I wrote three. And just to add to the challenge I tried my first erotic romances – a short erotica piece for an anthology submission call, a ménage fantasy story with unicorns and an historical Domme M/F story.

Weird to try so many different new things at once? Absolutely! Because you see, up until last November I only wrote sexy/sweet romance. Then I got invited into a lovely group of erotic writers, (yes you all know who you are!) and got seduced rather happily into the amazing world of erotic romance. I read my first books by Khloe Wren and Kissa Starling. I was in heaven! And I wanted to see if I could do it too!

Since NaNo last year I haven’t stopped. I am a Gemini and like to be super busy, and I also get bored quickly. So I’ll decide to write a vampire trilogy, that has to be historical and ménage, just for fun, then get bored with that. Go onto shifters and have some fun with them. I love writing short erotica pieces in between longer stories, just to purge some of the intense scenes I get inside my head, and of course I always come back to my love of M/M romance.

So, in January this year I got my first contract for an erotic story and since then I have reached that magic number of 20! Some longer, some extra short, but all are characters that are as real to me as anyone in the real world.

Writing and being published is achievable for anyone with the desire and a bit of know-how. Don’t be scared, try new things, and above all, love what you do. I do and have managed to write about 300K in the past 6 months and I have two part time jobs, two kids, house, hubby etc.

Writing isn’t easy, but it’s my sanity. I hope you enjoy my stories.

Contest giveaway

Evernight Publishing recently published Tamsin Baker’s trilogy of vampire stories, all ménage – an MMF, an MMM and an MMMF. Tell us which one you want and why and Tamsin will give one of each away to the most interesting comments. 🙂

Fighting Destiny (Book 1 in the shifters of the land, air and sea)

MMF ménage, contemporary, shifter, erotic romance

Natalia raised her heavy head. She had a metal collar around her neck that was so tight she didn’t dare attempt to shift. They had tied her to two trees about six foot apart. The collar, her arms and her legs, all tied to the trees. Her arms and legs were spread, and she was completely helpless. She was also exhausted. She had been in this position for almost two days.

Her arms ached, and her legs burned. What made it worse was the fact she didn’t know why she was being punished. They had told her nothing except that she would stand trial for her crime the next day.

Yes, she had run too far into the bird shifter’s lands, but why were they holding her for it? It wasn’t a true crime, and the question was, what did they want from her?

She caught a whiff of a land shifter and took a deeper breath, a familiar scent making her moan in relief. Tommy. Oh, thank God. He’s found me.

A small fox was sniffing around her, and even in her tired state she recognized his scent.

“Bobby…” she whispered, fear catching in her throat. The bird men would be around, and they could hurt the lovely boy trying to help her.

One of the larger men had given her a long shirt that almost decently covered her, but other than that privilege, she had been tied up and starved. It had been the worst two days of her life.

A naked man appeared at her feet, and Natalia closed her eyes. That was the one thing she found hard to handle about being a shifter, the lack and loss of clothes.

A wolf’s howl broke the silence around them, then again and again. Tommy.

“They’re coming.” Bobby whispered.

A loud squawk rent the air, and Bobby began to frantically unclip her ankles. The bird shifters had heard, and they were coming for her again.

“Hurry, Bobby, please.” Natalia began to sob.

She was truly scared now. She didn’t know what these men wanted, and she certainly didn’t want an all-out war between their two groups.

A growl ripped through the air, and Natalia shivered. A tiger. There were only two in their pack. Jeremy’s parents, but they were old.

It couldn’t be him … could it? He had been missing for ten years.

A tiger landed on the dirt in front of her, and beside him came Tommy in his wolf form. The tiger was magnificent, strong, huge, and clearly in his prime. Jeremy.


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#SexySnippets from Power Play

Here are seven sexy sentences from “Power Play,” my novella about sensual bondage:

When she opened her eyes, his face was inches away. Elusive green-brown eyes searched hers. Her lips parted, matching his, and she tipped her head up to him. She felt how much he wanted to kiss her, and she wanted him just as badly. She waited, dying for the taste of his kiss. She hadn’t given him a chance to kiss her this morning, there wasn’t time. And she’d been dreaming of his kiss since she first saw him in the parking garage.

“Power Play”

“A seductive brat tempts a sexy artist to risk his one shot at partnership for a fling with her. But when he takes control, who will come out on top?”

When I wrote this, I wondered what kind of woman could seduce a man to risk his hard-won career to be with her. What if there was the danger of them being discovered any minute? I thought it would be fun to see how he’d plan his payback. What would he do if he had complete control over her for a night?

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If Size Matters, How Does it Measure Up?

Scientists have finally figured out the actual “erect penile size” of men! The average erection size is exactly 5.57  inches. Think about the short side of half a piece of paper, or a typical hard cover book.  Or perhaps you’d prefer to imagine a typical chocolate bar.  😉

The full range goes from  4 – 26 centimeters, or 1.57 inches (yikes, where’d it go?) to 10.24 inches (ouch!).

Of course this number is completely precise and accurate. That is, for men in the United States. Sexually active ones to be more specific. Well, for 1661 of them anyway. Oh, and did we mention that these numbers are self-reported?

Wait a minute, self-reported? What’s up with that? (I couldn’t resist that one, LOL!)  It seems that’s the only way they could think of to do this research, because, according to the The Atlantic Wire, “most men have a strange tendency not to develop a full erection while being coldly observed by scientists wielding measuring sticks.”

To their credit, they didn’t set this up as a ‘how big are you’ survey, but rather ” for the purposes of receiving a condom sized to fit their erect penis,” so the participants were presumably more motivated to be accurate in reporting their measurements. And they did say the results were consistent with other research. Here’s a link to the scientific report which came out last week, published by four doctors, three of whom are women. It seems these women do care about size. Or at least are curious about it.

But they also said the findings suggested that the method of getting an erection affected its size. Most men measured themselves while alone, stimulating themselves by hand. Interestingly enough, with oral stimulation, the men reported bigger sizes. And with just fantasy alone, they reported smaller dimensions. Surprise, surprise.

Now you’d think, if they really are that curious, and they see that the method of stimulation seems to be significant, that they would design a better study, where real live people would assist the participants, rather than coldly wield a measuring stick. I’m sure I could devise a much more fun way to measure!

And then of course we’d have to invent some innovative ways to stimulate the men. We could come up with lots of ideas, couldn’t we? Maybe these scientists should read some erotic stories to stimulate their imaginations!

Even better, why not have some of us authors and readers help out? I’d be happy to volunteer.

All in the name of science of course!


#SexySnippets Island Bound by Kiru Taye @DecadentPub #Ubuntu

It’s Kiru here and it’s my turn again to host the Sexy Snippets party on SRS. This time I’m sharing seven sentences from ISLAND BOUND, my contemporary romance. This was one of my favourite scenes to write. I hope you enjoy it.


Christy lifted her head to meet Joshua’s narrowed gaze. She couldn’t believe how unperturbed he appeared, leaning against the door post, his hands in his trouser pockets.

He stared at her with open interest. In his black irises, fire flared—intense, inviting, and lacking innocence. His poise and energy were so masculine, so feral—a predator on the hunt, toying with his prey.

What was this, anyway? How had they ended up on this collision course?



When Christy Inemi-Spiff discovers that the man she vowed to love and honor has no such feelings for her, she’s determined to cut her losses and move on with her life. A quick, quiet divorce is all she wishes for Christmas.

However, Joshua has other ideas. He’s not ready to walk away yet, especially when he doesn’t understand why Christy wants out of their marriage. So he demands she agree to spend a quiet Christmas on a remote African Island with him, hoping they can salvage their relationship. If she still wants a divorce after these two weeks, he will let her go. But not before he’s had his fill of her.

But with the sparking tension between them, and the secrets behind the disintegration of their marriage threatening to explode, will either of them get their wish? Or will this season of good will show them what really lies at the bottom of their hearts?

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I like to watch…

I think the first time I realised that I like to watch was as a young adolescent. I’d taken the train to the city with some friends to see Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.  It was Moomba (people from Melbourne will relate), which is a public holiday with a street parade. Moomba is an indigenous word meaning getting together and having fun. But I digress…

We had to risk life and limb and cross the road during the parade so we could get to The Regent theatre where the movie was being screened.  I’m pretty sure it was the year I was about 12 or 13 years old.  One of those anyway…lol.

I was having fun drooling over a young Robert Redford. I mean, seriously, who didn’t drool?  That craggy blond hair and mustache…those amazing eyes. *sigh*….then that scene. started..

You know the one…Katherine Ross arrives home to her small cottage and starts getting undressed for a bath.  Robert Redford surprises her and threatens her with a gun, forcing her to take all of her clothes off and untie her chemise.  Slowly.   Very slowly.

Oh. My. God.

My heart pounded so fast and loud I was almost deafened. I was so hot I was sure everyone beside me would be feeling the heat radiating off me. (Okay, I guess this was also when I realised that I liked a bit of Dom/Sub action too, but I didn’t have a clue what it was at the time;-)).

My life changed in that one scene.   It wasn’t just the hormones coming to the fore, it was like a switch turned on.

So now, many years later I still get off on watching.  Mostly watching from the comfort of my bed reading my favourite erotic novel, or erotic movie scenes….the feeling has never died, and now I find myself writing a voyeuristic story.  I have to say it’s making me hot!

BTW…I’ve seen that movie 12 times 🙂  I must get it out again…

So let me know…do you like to watch?  Stand up and be counted!

#SexySnippets – Immortal Seduction by @JenniLynnAuthor

It’s my turn to participate in Sexy Snippets this week and I’m pleased to bring you seven sexy sentences from my upcoming ménage à quatre release, IMMORTAL SEDUCTION (GODS OF LOVE 4).

Her body was as soft as it had promised to be, and yet somehow hard and unyielding. Earlier she’d been wearing a dress but now she was naked between them. How was that possible? Kieran groaned and heard an answering sound erupt out of Hugh before his friend leaned down to take one of her long pink nipples into his mouth. Blindly he reached out and grappled the other breast, weighing its enticing heaviness in his palm.

Slow this down. Catch our breath.

IMMORTAL SEDUCTION will be out soon.

If you’d like to catch up on the GODS OF LOVE series so far, books 1 – 3 are available as individual eBooks or in a cost-saving bundled collection at:


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Top Ten Crazy Sex Laws

Here are some Laws about sex that you might think were absolutely bonkers. I do! LOL.

1. Sexual positions other than missionary are illegal in Washington, D.C.. Way to dampen your love life, don’t you think?

2. In Wisconsin, a law prohibited a man from shooting off his gun while his female partner was having an orgasm.

3. Taxi drivers in Maine were once barred from charging a female passenger cab fare if she offered a sexual favor while getting a ride home from a nightclub or any place of business selling liquor.

4. In one town in Oregon, a guy is not allowed to curse while having sex with his wife. WTF?

5. In multiple states—like Arizona, Indiana, New York, and Ohio, just to name a few—having a visible erection is illegal. That’s gotta be hard when a guy sees a girl he’s attracted to. 🙂

6. Georgia law banned people from possessing or purchasing sex toys like vibrators and dildos. Spoilsports!

7. Sleeping naked is illegal in some parts of Minnesota. Seriously!

8. In Alabama, an ordinance once stated that women weren’t allowed to initiate sex while hanging around a pool hall.

9. Guys in Colorado should to be careful when kissing a sleeping woman. It’s an act that was once outlawed, according to an old law.

10. In Bakersfield, California, one law states that anyone having sex with Satan must use a condom. Bwahahahaha.

I had fun compiling these. I hope you have fun reading it. So do you think they’re crazy too?

Source: Cosmopolitan.