The perfect #sexy date – what’s your fantasy?

Ever been whisked off your feet and into a romantic date straight out of your wildest fantasies? Unfortunately I can’t say that I have, at least in recent times. Dinner and a movie is usually it for me, though there’s definitely romance on occasion, thank goodness.

A tropical island setting (Bora Bora springs to mind!) would be at the center of my ultimate romantic fantasy. There’d be a beautiful sunset, good champagne (very brut!) and a delicious dinner waiting, but first a relaxing couples massage, then private time with my gorgeous man in an open-air spa bath with views over the ocean.

Back when I wrote SEDUCING SERENA, my first erotic romance, I asked family and friends what they’d like to experience on a fantasy date. Answers varied enormously – from being hand fed strawberries and then drizzled in chocolate, to being taken on a luxury yacht for a champagne breakfast, to floating away on the breeze in a hot air balloon, to a spa bath filled with rose petals followed by a candlelit dinner cooked by someone else.

It seems that everyone I spoke with had a different idea of a fantasy date. But the one thing they all had in common was the desire to feel special, and to be treated as such, by their respective partner. And that applied to both the women and the men that I spoke with.

We all want to feel special to someone, don’t we? Especially if we are in, or just starting, a romantic relationship.

What’s your idea of a sexy and romantic date? Have you experienced the perfect date, or is your fantasy one that is yet to be realized? Please share your experiences or ideas – we’d love to hear from you!

In SEDUCING SERENA, Nick creates a number of fantasy dates for Serena in his quest to seduce her. Here’s a little taste of one involving a hot-air balloon ride and a champagne breakfast at his private winery in the Yarra Valley region near Melbourne (Australia):

Serena held tightly to the rope in the early morning darkness, feeling the flare of gas-generated heat above her head as the balloon carried their basket into the silent sky.

I must be mad!

“Ever heard of dinner and a movie, Nick? When you said you’d show me the Yarra Valley I didn’t think you meant hot-air ballooning.”

His chuckle was as contagious – and as potent – as it had been the first time they met.

“There’s no better way to experience it, sweetheart.” He moved to stand behind her, one arm coming around each side of her to grip the edge of the basket. “And there’s no need to be frightened. Pete’s the best pilot in the business.”

She glanced at the taciturn, middle-aged man in charge of their flight. “I’m not frightened,” she said. “Unless I look straight down.” Or turn around and gaze into your eyes.

“Just look over there,” he murmured in her ear, pointing briefly to the east.

She caught her breath in wonder. The sun was in the process of cresting the horizon and the rolling hills were ablaze with a mixture of gold, orange and pink. The dark pre-dawn shadows were being driven back to reveal a vista of striking emerald beauty, shrouded in random pockets with a white, swirling mist. Through it all the Yarra River wound like a long brown snake.

“Its gorgeous,” she breathed. “I’ve seen the sun come up over Uluru in Central Australia – people come from all over the world to see that – but sometimes we only need to look in our own backyards.”

“Beats dinner and a movie, doesn’t it?”

“I guess it does. But Nick, this doesn’t change anything. I’m reserving judgement on us.”

“Better than a straight-out rejection.” His quiet chuckle tickled her temple. She fought the instinct to relax back into his arms, fought the need to take comfort from his solidity in this less-than-secure environment.

For a few minutes they stayed quiet, marvelling at the view. Looking west, she could see the tiny cluster of high-rise buildings that marked the city, and a strip of darker blue along the horizon that indicated Port Phillip Bay.

Somewhere out there in the endless blue, she and Nick had first made love.

Romantic Times BOOKReviews:

“The Secrets anthologies never fail to thrill and entertain. This volume’s contemporary, science fiction and historical stories are hot and sensual. Characters are well developed, and the couples will take readers along in their path to a lasting relationship.” ~ 4 stars

Find out more about SEDUCING SERENA in SECRETS VOL. 28 at Jennifer Lynne’s website, or buy a copy at Amazon.

#SexySnippets from Chellesie

Hello Everyone, thanks for joining in the fun with SexySnippets!

Here are seven sexy sentences from Restless, a work in progress:

Did Lane know he was out there?
Or might be out there. Did Dirk really stay?

She flew to the glass doors, a bare breast and a length of leg gleaming in the starlight. She caught her breath as she saw a silhouette in the lounge chair, the soft red glow of a cigarette floating nearby. As her eyes focused in the dim light, she became aware of a pair of eyes focused on her. She froze in the spotlight, her entire body tingling with the electrical charge of the attraction, then tore herself from the intoxicating allure of the window before her desire overwhelmed her.



Free-spirited Cassie is restless with everything in her life, even her gorgeous blond husband of ten years. When a dark enigmatic stranger moves in, everything shifts. Will his seductive presence unravel what they’ve built, or push them into unknown pleasures?

#SexonSaturday and #SexySnippets from Illuminations

Happy weekend everyone!

It’s my turn to give you some quick and sexy words today.  I’m doing both #SexonSaturday with one of our Sexy Romance Writers – Roz Lee  and the #SexySnippets which you can find more about HERE

I’m using my Victorian Erotic BDSM story ILLUMINATIONS for my inspiration today. I hope you find the words inspiring too!

My one sentence for #sexonsaturdays is:

Why did the thought of being slapped across her sex make her sweat?

And here is my very hot seven sentences for #SexySnippets (WARNING: HOT!)

“Oh, God.” The strangled cry was loud to her ears but it faded to nothing as the strange feelings inside her continued to build higher and higher. She closed her eyes again, leaning against the wall as the built-up pressure burst and stars appeared across her closed eyelids. Wave after wave of pleasure consumed her as moisture trickled a path from her sex down her thighs. Bewildered, she withdrew her hand from her drawers and attempted to right her tumbled skirt with shaking hands.

“Don’t pull down your skirt on my account,” breathed a masculine voice close to her ear.


When you dip your finger in the fire – you get burned!

When Darius and his friend Jamie find Gemma, a young scullery maid, peeking through a shaded window at a ménage scene with one of their guests, they have just the right punishment for her.

Gemma finds she is unable to tear her eyes from the scandalous scene in front of her. Why didn’t she run from this act of depravity? And why did watching it make her body feel heat in places she’d never felt heat before?

Before the hot summer evening is over Gemma finds herself at the mercy of not one, but two very handsome young men who not only want to teach her a lesson, but as she soon finds out – she is the lesson, and this time she is the one with an audience.

Available from Total-e-bound   AMAZON    ARe

Maggie Nash

Why do we love billionaires and virgins? Doris O’Connor shares

Hello everyone. My name is Doris and I’m delighted to be here at Sexy Romance Stories today. I was talking to my good friend Raven the other day, and she was having a bit of a rant about the word Trope. Now I laughed and teased her bit, because she really doesn’t like that word, but it got me thinking back to when I first started writing. I had no idea what in the dickens a Trope was. I’m sure you all know what a Romance Trope is. 🙂

However, back then I didn’t know what POV was or head hopping, passive voice etc. to name but a few.

I’m still not all that familiar with the correct terminology if I’m honest, because I have never read a how to write romance book in my life. Mention the idea of plotting and my eyes glaze over, and my muse dies a little. You see, I’m a panster (yes, I did learn that term, lol). I start off with a vague idea and I let my characters guide me.  I never know what is going to happen when I sit down to write, and even when I have more than just a vague idea, my characters will go off on a tangent.

That is exactly what happened with The Billionaires Unwanted Virgin. I was aiming for a much lower heat level, but then my hero decided that he needed a wife, and once they were married all bets were off. These two sizzle and their Marriage Of Convenience (yes, I use a well-known Romance Trope—I did learn what that word means—lol) turns into a love match.

There’s plenty of twists and turns and emotional angst on their way to their Happy Ever After, of course.

I leave you with the blurb a hot and definitely Adult only excerpt.


Lay back and think of England, she could do this. It was only sex, after all. Auctioning off her virginity was the easy part—going through with it not so easy.  When Alice realizes who has acquired her, keeping her emotions out of the deal seems an impossible task.

Self-made billionaire Lakota, Lance Kemnay has no time for women, let alone one, who would sell her virginity to the highest bidder. Ever practical, however, he sees in Alice a solution to his immediate need for a wife. The emotions she stirs in him are just lust, and lust can be dealt with. As they connect emotionally and physically, his resolve to keep his heart aloof is tested beyond limits.

Can he trust his tender feelings, or has he been taken for a fool by the one woman he thought he could trust?

Be Warned: BDSM, spanking, rimming, anal sex, wax play, erotic asphyxiation


He’d bound her to him with the ridiculous terms of their arrangement, and he had no idea how she really felt about him. That her body desired him, of that there was no doubt. Could there ever be more between them? Was the trust she exhibited in her submission to him enough to build a relationship on?

Would she want to stay with him once the arranged time was over? His little Alice was a romantic. Would she settle for a life with what little he had to offer, knowing full well that he was incapable of ever saying the words every woman wanted to hear?

“Lakota?” Her uncertain whisper shook him out his maudlin thoughts. This was here, and this was now. He would live in the moment and worry about all that later. Right now he had his woman where he wanted her.

“I’m here, my sweet. Relax.”

She drew in a breath and another, in a visible effort to calm her nerves, and he bent down and kissed her again.

“Remember those candles you admired on that stall in Colombo, my sweet?”

She stilled completely and her breaths grew choppier, and he smiled.

“I see that you do… Now, feel their kiss, and fly for me.”

He’d gone hard as nails in the middle of the crowded market at her innocent reaction to his whispered comment that these were far more than scented candles. He’d bought them on impulse, waiting for the right moment to introduce them. He knew her well enough by now to know how far he could push her, and he wanted to give her the pleasure this play brought.

She flinched at the first drop of wax hit her just below the collarbone, and he swiped the drop away, watching her closely for her reaction. Again and again he repeated the process, until she arched into the touch of the wax on her skin.

He drew patterns around her breasts, leaving the wax to settle, and letting the flame burn a little hotter each time. Her breathing changed to the slow, deep state of relaxed awareness he wanted her to be in as he scribed what was in his heart on her quivering tummy.

By the time he was done his dick was just about ready to explode, and Alice was so wet, the covers were stained under her ass. He smiled to himself at the face of housekeeping in the morning and poured one last heavy drop of wax over her hugely distended clit at the same time as he thrust his cock into the tight clasp of her body, with a growled, “Come for me, baby.”


Alice came so hard and so fast she could barely catch her breath. The sensation of the hot wax dripping over her most sensitive flesh coupled with the feel of him sliding deep into her core, his weight pinning her in place proved too much.

She was dimly aware of Lakota reaching his own pinnacle in record time, and then she was free. Released from her bonds and held securely in his arms, she blinked to get her eyes to focus.

Her body was covered in multi-colored patters of wax, and he’d traced a word into her lower abdomen—Mine.

Alice bit back her tears, and Lakota’s hands settled over her fingers tracing the word. She looked at him, and she held her breath at the emotion she glimpsed in his eyes, before he masked it.

“I will run you a bath, and you can soak it off. I’m not going near that beautiful skin of yours with a knife.”

“Do we have to take it off?”

He grew very still at her husky question, and his voice was hoarse when he finally answered.

“I don’t want you getting sore. This is your first time. We don’t know how your skin will react.”

Alice smiled at the protectiveness and concern behind those words.

“I seem to be having a lot of firsts around you, Mr. Kemnay.”


Author Bio:

Glutton for punishment would be a good description for Doris… at least that’s what she hears on an almost daily basis when people find out that she has a brood of nine children, ranging from adult to toddler and lives happily in a far too small house, cluttered with children, pets, dust bunnies, and one very understanding and supportive husband. Domestic goddess she is not.

There is always something better to do after all, like working on the latest manuscript and trying not to scare the locals even more than usual by talking out loud to the voices in her head. Her characters tend to be pretty insistent to get their stories told, and you will find Doris burning the midnight oil on a regular basis. Only time to get any peace and quiet and besides, sleep is for wimps.

She likes to spin sensual, sassy, and sexy tales involving alpha heroes to die for, and heroines who give as good as they get. From contemporary to paranormal, BDSM to F/F, and Ménage, haunting love stories are guaranteed.

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#SexySnippets No5 from The Black Heart by @KiruTaye

Hi, it’s Kiru here. I hope you’re enjoying your weekend.

This week’s Sexy Snippet is from my current work-in-progress The Black Heart, a paranormal romance. As I’ve just completed the first draft, this will be the last sexy snippet from this manuscript until it’s published.

In this scene, Idris discovers Rahma in his bedroom. But he isn’t altogether thrilled. I hope you enjoy it.

To read the other sexy snippets from this manuscript, go here.


He stalked, circling, the predator in him watching her intently as her scent drew him closer. There was no way he could resist the musky jasmine fragrance designed to lure a mate into her clutches. Her strong aura would draw every beast within miles until one claimed her.

It was a wonder there wasn’t more of a commotion in the palace because he was sure the other blood warriors in the vicinity could sense the same pull towards her as he did.

Which begged the question, how did she get into his quarters bypassing Danladi and every other guard out there? A woman with such a power was dangerous in the current state of emergency.

Heart still jerking in his chest and all his muscles tensed, he stopped at the foot of the bed.


Share your thoughts. I love reading your comments.

Do check out the other Sexy Snippets this week. And if you’re a romance writer, why not join in next week and share 7 sentences from your WIP or published book by signing up here.

Does Love Means Never Saying You’re Sorry?

Does love really mean you never have to say you’re sorry?

Well, a friend of mine told me what happened to him and his wife.  They had occasional spats, but never anything serious. Then one time, they had a really big fight. It went on for days. He told me she was clearly in the wrong, and there was no way he was going to let it go.

So I asked, “What happened?”

“She finally came to me on her hands and knees,” he replied.

I was astonished. “Really?”


“What did she say?” I had to ask.

“She said, ‘Get out from under that bed and talk to me, you coward!'”

I hope you find that story as entertaining as I did. I think that many people, especially us optimists who read romance, expect our loved ones to give us a classic apology, right out of a Hollywood movie. But that doesn’t happen in real life very regularly. Hardly ever. Okay, maybe never at all.

Really, the point of the story is to communicate about the problem. Most people don’t do something just to hurt someone they love, so there has to be more to the story. But we don’t listen very well, do we? (Wait, what did you just say?) While the other person is talking, we spend our time planning our comebacks! A great technique I just learned about is for each person to repeat back what their partner just said.

But does that mean we never have to say we’re sorry? Is love enough by itself? I sure don’t think so. We apologize to strangers and casual acquaintances for any small infraction. Most people still want to hear those words.  We need to show at least as much courtesy to our loved ones as we do to others.

But what if you’re one of those people who just doesn’t feel comfortable coming out and saying, “I’m sorry” to your loved one? Is it really necessary?

Well, there are plenty of ways to apologize without using words…

<<wink, wink>>


#SexySnippets IMMORTAL SEDUCTION by Jennifer Lynne

It’s Sunday, and here at Sexy Romance Stories we’ve decided to join the Sexy Snippets Hop hosted by The Nuthouse Scribblers.

We’ll be taking it in turns each week to post seven sentences from our current WIP or published work.

Today’s Sexy Snippet is from Jennifer Lynne’s work-in-progress (unedited), IMMORTAL SEDUCTION (GODS OF LOVE 4):

The slow grin that accompanied her words highlighted the fullness of her lips and he pictured them wrapped around his now definitely hardening cock. Would they be cold and fresh from the sea, those lips, or would the heat of her mouth draw even more of his blood to that hungry appendage between his legs? Would she suck and lick, or use her teeth to vary the sensory exploration of his organ?

Jesus! What was wrong with him tonight? He blinked and shook his head to clear the lustful thoughts away, but she was there again in front of him. Naked, and laying his own overcoat down on the sand, bending forward with her butt in the air as if offering up the valley of her sex for his own personal use.

We’d love you to share your thoughts here! Then why not check out the other Sexy Snippets on offer this week.

For more information about IMMORTAL SEDUCTION and the first three novellas in the GODS OF LOVE series, visit Jennifer Lynne’s website.