What Makes a Hero Sexy?

Of course we like a hero to be good-looking, but that’s not enough, we want him to do sexy things too. So what is sexy? The way he looks at her, the way he speaks to her, and the way he touches her have to turn her on. And he has to make her feel good about herself and her body, so that she feels sexy.
I think the most important thing is that his words and touch affect the heroine in a way no one else ever has. In “Power Play,” Liz is a smart, competent businesswoman, and a complete control-freak. When Sergio acts dominant, she is surprised by her submissive response, and seduced by the huge rush it gives her. He feels that rush too, and lets her know that. When a hero tells a woman how much he wants her, that’s definitely a big turn-on.

Another way a hero can be sexy is to spend the time showing the woman how desirable she is to him, letting the attraction grow between them, just as an author builds sexual tension for the reader. I had a whole lot of fun writing the ‘payback’ scene where Sergio spends the entire evening seducing Liz through every room of her house! By the time he finally makes love to her, she’s completely enveloped by lust. I love it when the hero is seducing the heroine and we as readers get seduced too.

So to be a sexy hero, a guy has to touch a part of a woman that others can’t even see, and that’s what turns her on. And he has to make her feel like a million bucks. There’s nothing sexier than a man who makes a woman feel sexy being with him.

Chellesie B. Dancer

Six Sentence Sunday – Power Play

Erotic Romance Novella Power PlayThis is from my hot new novella “Power Play.” His boss has just congratulated him on a job well done:

“I don’t have to tell you what an important client she could be,” his boss advised in a low voice. “Do whatever it takes to keep her happy. Kiss her ass.”
“Oh, of course I’ll do that.” Sergio rubbed his chin in a thoughtful gesture to keep from smiling.

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